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Northwest Passage
Search for a shorter route north and west around north America
English pirates that attacked Spanish merchant ships to weaken Spain
Spanish Armada
A group of Spanish ships and men going to attack and invade I
A document that gives permission to establish and control a colony in America
The island off the coast of what is now north Carolina that Sir Walter Reighle went to with 7 ships carrying 100 men
Enclosure movement
The decision to enclose the farmers land to allow sheep to herd instead of farming the land for food so they could use the sheeps wool to make cloth
Joint Stock Company
A company owned by more then 2 people designed to share in the profit and losses of each opportunity.
3 ships of English sailors founded this town in Virginia as the first colony in the New world to look for gold silver and copper
Soldier of Fortune
A soldier that is hired to fight for who ever pays him
Starving Time
the beginning years after founding Jamestown from 1609 to 1610
A wealthy man who pays for a poorer person to travel to Virginia and live would receive 50 acres of land in return in Virginia
Indentured Servant
A poor person that wanted to go to Virginia signed a contract to provide work for the person that paid his way over . Theses contracts were for 7 years
Persons that left England because they were being persecuted then traveled to America
The pilgrim were separatists .People who separated from the Anglican Church of England
Mayflower Compact
Cape cod was outside the region controlled by the London Company. So the pilgrims drew up a document that provided a legal basis for governing themselves
The place the pilgrims landed
Thanksgiving Day
The season after the first spring in the New world when the Pilgrims harvested their crops and gave thanked for all the crops
New England
1614 John Smith explored the area around Plymouth and called it New England
Massachusetts Bay Company
Group of puritans that created a document to be self governing in America left England with 1000 people and 11 ships in 1630
John Winthrop the head of Mass Bay colony allowed more settlers to be freeman and participate in the colony process
A society devoted to the common welfare of all
Critical of the church of England but didn't want to be separatists they wanted to purify it from within
Proprietary Colony
King Charles I of England gave a large amt( 14million acres) to one person George Calvert to govern, prosecute people and own . He became the proprietor and the land was called the proprietary colony .
Toleration Act of 1649
Calvert decided to make an Act on his land to guarantee freedom of religion to all colonists
A separatists group they believed that everyone could communicate directly to god
New Netherlands
A Dutch colony in New York around the Hudson River
New Sweden
A company called New Sweden Company that founded what is now know as Wilmington Delaware
Roger Williams
A minster who had many principles that were out of place to puritans. He thought the government shouldn't have any power over religious groups even though the puritans did. Even though there was a document that allowed English people to take the land, he felt they should have bought it from the Indians.
Anne Hutchenson
strong willed and mopre prinicipled than Roger williams formal religion attendence in chrurch not necessary that you could still go to heaven without them .. She was brought to trial and convicted of