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She was an impressionist painter that loved to paint her children.
Mary Cassatt.
This artist was the first to create a pointillism painting.
Gearges Seurat.
This kind of writing allows the writer to think freely. It also allows the writer to write exactly what is on his/ her mind, without stopping.
free association
Name one artist that was an impressionist painter.
Mary Cassatt, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet.
Name this art period. It was a time when artists wanted to show characteristics of everyday life. This might be as if you were looking out of a window, or rendering something exactly how one sees it. This may show an example of the hard reality of life among those who labor.
Name five elements of art
Balance, Form/ 3-D, Shape, line, color, design, light/ shadow, space, movement, and texture.
Name this art period. This period captures the moment of many beautiful landscape scenes. For example, the sunrise.
Name this type of artwork. This is a type of painting that allows the artist to paint in dots instead of brush strokes.
Name this art period. These artists were searching for ways to make their artwork have an emotional effect over the veiwer. Some used bright colors, and others let their brushstrokes in the paint very visible.
this is what you call a color when you mix black with it.
list the secondary colors
green, purple, orange
list the primary colors
red, blue, yellow
This is what a color is called when you mix white together with it.
This artist painted Starry Night, and Sunflowers.
Vincent van Gogh
What is this art period? The artist chose to draw, paint, and sculpt representing spaces that are broken apart and things that were shown from two or more sides. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque both invented this way of painting.
This artist was an impressionist painter who liked to paint landscapes and sill lifes. He was very concerned with light and dark.
Paul Cezanne
This artist made many painting and became famous by splattering paint onto the canvas.
Jackson Pollock
This artist painted with the primary colors and usually used squares or rectangles.
Piet Mondrian
This kind of drawing is very rapid and moving. The point is to get the information down that you are looking at in seconds.
gesture drawing.