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The function of the cell wall is
to protect and support the cell
True or False? All cells have the same shape
The outer part of the cell is
the cell membrane
The funtion of the chloroplast is
capture sunlight so the plant can produce food
The difference between resolution and magnification on a microscope is
resolution makes things sharper and clearer while magnification makes things bigger
The function of ribosomes is to
produce protein
An electrom microscope uses a
beam of electrons
Robert Hooke discovered
The cell theory is (3 things)
Cells are the basic unit of structure and function of living things
All living things are made of cells
Cells are produced from cells
The function of the cell membrane is to
control what comes in and out of the cell
A bacterial cell is different from a plant cell in that it
has no nucleus
The organelle that is the control center of the cell is the
A light microscope works by
light going through a convex lens
The nickname for the mitochondria is
the powerhouse
What is the function of the mitochondria?
It produces energy for the cell
What kind of compund is DNA and RNA?
a nucleic acid
The function of lysomes is to
to break down food and worn out cell parts using worn out material
The difference between inorganic and organic is
organic holds carbon while inorganic does not. All living things are made of carbon
The function of the vacuole is
to store food, water and wastes