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The name of the leader of the communist Revolution was __ ___ ___, which was actually a fake name.
Vladimir Ilich Lenin
What event led to Lenin's power?
In March of 1915, the czar was overthrown and the new government was called the __ _____.
Provisional Government
___ ____ led the new Porivisional Government.
Aleksandr Kerensky
What was Lenin's slogan to win the people of Russia?
"Peace, Land, Bread"
In the 1920s Russia changed its name to __ __ __ ___ (USSR).
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Lenin's new Communism was called " __ ___", where the government took control over everything.
"War Communism"
Because the War Communism did not work, Lenin came up with another policy called the " __ ___ ___."
"New Economic Policy"
A ______ is a large building housing a tomb.