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IRS 2 purposes
-attitude, heading, vertical speed (primary)
-LNAV (secondary)
Components of IRS
-L/R IRU (3 laser gyros 3 accelrometers)
-mode selector unit
Which components get info from IRU?
EADI, EHSI, IVSI, RDMI (off side)
Power sources for L/R IRU?
Primary AC, backup DC
L: AC standby bus; switched hot battery bus
R: Transfer bus 2; switched hot battery bus (shuts down after 5 minutes)
How long for full alignment IRS?
10 minutes while airplane is motionless. Attempts realign after 25 seconds, and sends message to scratchpad.
FMC uses info from which IRU?
Left, autoswitches to right
During self test, what does ON DC light mean?
5 seconds on means good backup power test.
How find out minutes remaining on ALIGN?
HDG/STS selected on IRS display unit, right data display window displays minutes remaining beginning at 7.
What must you do to complete alignment?
Enter PPOS via CDU or IRS display unit.
Autopilot inputs when IRS transfer switch is in NORMAL? Not Normal?
A autopilot via A flight computer gets pitch from LIRU and roll from RIRU. B gets pitch from right and roll from left.
Not in normal, each AP gets pitch and roll from selected IRU.
Inputs to ADCs? Outputs? Powered when?
-Onside Pitot systems and TAT probe.
-Altitude, vertical speed, airspeed, Mach, true airspeed, tat, sat.
-AC on aircraft
4 pitot systems?
Captain, first officer, 1 aux, 2 aux
Which systems are interconnected (in order to average pressure during turn/turb)?
Capt and #1
FO and #2
What does the alternate static system do?
Provide input to alt standby airspeed and altimeter. Ports not heated.
Where does SAT come from?
#1 ADC
What systems does FMS integrate and control? (4)
Integrate with (in addition)(5)
-autopilot flight director system (AFDS)
-Autothrottle (A/T)
-engine instruments
-nav radios
-airplane system sensors
FMC provides what margin in all target speeds and optimum/max altitudes?
1.3 buffet margin
Speed rules for FMC. 10,000', clean, cost index.
-Nothing above 250kts
-nothing below 210kts
-0-200 (0=MRC, 200=MaxCruse)
What logic for winds does FMC ECON use?
Linear between 0 wind on ground and pilot entered at altitude
Ways FMS gets positions?
-Align, no radio updating
-runway prior to t/o: FMC POS UPDATE
-airborne, radio update
FMC radio updating.
-Both radios in AUTO, 10 closest w/in 200nm, best is DME-DME.
-1 radio in AUTO, uses MAN navaid and tries to find another w/AUTO radio. Or it might try agility tuning.
-Both radios in MAN, tries to use selected for DME-DME. Othewise goes to VOR-DME (only w/in 25NM).
-LOC: only <6000' and on LOC
What happens if FMS can't update its position for 10 minutes?
scratchpad: IRS NAV ONLY
what does VERIFY POSITION scratchpad message mean?
significant disagreement between IRSs, FMC, and radio update position
What do you have to have to use LNAV or MAP mode?
At least one radio in AUTO.
How do you perform a position check?
FIX page data vs. raw data. Max enroute error is 2 NM, max terminal is 1NM.
Left (Capt) IRU power sources?
Pri: AC standby
Sec: switched hot battery bus (inv)
Right IRU power sources?
Pri: transfer bus 2
Sec: switched hot battery bus
When AC is lost to IRU's, what happens?
Power is automatically switched to DC. After 5 minutes, right IRU shuts down to conserve battery power. Associated ON DC light illuminates.
Full alignment takes?
10 minutes motionless. If motion is detected, attempts new alignment w/in 25 seconds.
Where can you find time to align?
Right data window, beginning at 7 minutes.
Describe IRU shutdown cycle.
Move knob to OFF, 30 second shutdown cycle. ALIGN light is illuminated during this time. Can be shutdown on AC or DC power.
IRS transfer switch purpose?
Supply systems info from one IRU if need be, or NORMAL operations which is respective IRU to onside systems.
Height limit to radio altimeters?
What systems get info from the radalts?
-rudder pressure reducer
-thrust reverser system
In addition to the EADI and flight director system, and autopilot, what extra stuff gets info from #1 Radalt?
VHF 1 powered by?
DC standby bus.
What does each pitot probe supply?
One pitot and two static inputs.
What hardware does the FMS include?
One FMC and two CDU's
Describe the FMC navigation database.
All VOR/DME stations in UAL AORs and selected ILS facilities, airports, and runways.
FMC command speed below 10,000? Clean configuration?
250. Not less than 210.
What does FMC POS UPDATE do?
Updates a/c posit to end of departure runway.
Agility Tuning is?
When one radio is in MAN and FMC can't use it for position. Takes two other stations and switches between them every 5 seconds.
What 3 things could cause flashing white ALIGN lights in your IRS?
-significant diff btwn prev and entered present positions
-an unreasonable entry
-10 minutes with no present position
What does ATT position do?
30 second alignment process in the attitude mode. FLy straight and level. Provides attitude info to EADI and heading info (after manually input) to EHSI and offside RDMI.
On POS INIT page, what does GMT mean?
Displays from CAPT clock. If time is wrong, must enter correct time to initialize the FMC internal time reference.
On TAKEOFF REF 1/2 page, what things are shown under PRE-FLT STATUS line?
PERF INIT-reqd entries omitted
ROUTE-if not active
DEPARTURE-if RTE page displays prompts for RUNWAY and VIA