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Hydraulic system A powers?
-Autopilot A
-Landing Gear
-Alternate Brakes
-#1 T/R
-PTU (for alternate auto slat operation)
-Inboard flight spoilers
-Ground Spoilers
-Elevator and elevator feel system
Hyd A Pumps?
ENG 1, ELEC 2(gen bus 2)
How is ENG 1 pump isolated from hydraulic system?
Solenoid-held blocking valve that blocks pump outlet to using units (energized closed, fails open).
Volume of ELEC 2 pump vs ENG 1 pump?
1/3, same PSI.
Sequence of A hydraulic fluid?
Pumps, case drain lines, heat exchanger in No. 1 fuel tank, reservoir.
Hyd Sys A heat exchanger locations?
Electric Pump case drain lines and pump housing.
Where are A hydraulic quantity indicators?
System A reservoir in main wheel well, and on secondary engine instrument panel (FO's panel on non-EIS)
A reservoir capacity?
4.7 gallons
What is Hyd A and B standpipe level?
If leak develops in ENG pump or pump lines...about 25% for A and 50% for B.
What happens if Electric Pump or it's lines develops a leak?
Total loss of fluid, pump intake is at bottom of tank.
Backup for autoslats in case Hyd B ENG 2 pump pressure drops below certain limits. Sys A fluid drives motor that pressurizes system B fluid supplied from bottom of B reservoir.
Hydraulic system B powers?
-Autopilot B
-Landing Gear Transfer Unit
-Alternate NWS on some airplanes
-Normal Brakes
-#2 T/R
-LE Slats and Flaps
-Outboard Flight Spoilers
-Elevator and elevator feel system
-Yaw Damper
-Accumulator brakes (with pressure from an accumulator precharge)
Hyd B Reservoir capacity?
7.2 gallons
If stby reservoir is depleted, what quantity does Sys B Hyd show?
64% (1/2 and RFL on non-EIS)
System B two standpipes...taller supplies? Shorter supplies? What displays if a leak goes to these standpipes? What remains after a leak to the shorter pipe?
Taller supplies standby reservoir. Displays 64%
Shorter supplies engine pump. Displays 50%. If leak in electric pump, displays 0 but 1 gallon remains for PTU alternate auto slats.
What systems go to standby when A or B Hydraulics systems are lost.
-Leading edge flaps and slat (extension only)
-No. 1 and No. 2 T/R
Describe standby hydraulic pump.
One electric pump powered by generator bus 1, with a transfer to generator bus 2 if 1 is not powered. 1/2 volume output of A or B electric pump output.
How can you activate standby system manually?
-A or B FLT CONTROL switch to STBY RUD
-ALTERNATE FLAPS master switch to ARM
Automatic activation of standby system?
All conditions met:
-Sys A or B hyd pressure is lost or rudder pressure reducer system fails in low pressure mode
-TEF's extended
-A/C in flight or on ground with WS>60 kts. Slowing or raising the flaps shuts pump off.
-FLT CONTROL switch A or B is ON
Standby reservoir capacity?
2.8 gallons
How is standby system supplied and pressurized?
Balance line connected to the top of the system B reservoir.
How is standby hyd quantity monitored?
Continuously armed STANDBY HYD LOW QUANTITY light on the overhead panel. Comes on at 50%.
What normal operating conditions can cause hydraulic quantity indication variations?
-system becomes pressurized from pneumatic system
-landing gear up/down
-LEF/slats up and down
-cold soaking after long time at cruise
What indicates foaming?
Hyd system not properly pressurized, at higher altitudes...pressure fluctuations and blinking of LOW PRESSURE light(s).
Which is more accurate quantity indicator on EIS airplanes?
Wheel well, cockpit indicators may be in error 8%.
Max brake pressure?
3500 (norm is 3000, precharge is 1000)
When is th STANDBY HYD LOW QUANTITY light armed?
Standby pump is powered automaticaly or manually. Low output pressure from pump.
When does the OVERHEAT light above the pump switch come on?
Pump case drain fluid or pump itself gets hot.
After servicing the hydraulic systems, what do you need to check?
That cockpit indicators do not exceed 100% (prevents overservicing and venting of fluid into the wheel wells).
What happens to the engine driven LOW PRESSURE light when the fire handle is pulled?
It is disarmed.