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In the case of hyd system A and B failure, how are flight controls positioned?
Ailerons and Elevators through cable backup (manual reversion). Rudder cannot be controlled without hyd, but can be powered by Stby Hyd system.
What are considered the secondary flight controls?
Hydraulically powered spoilers and speed brakes, leading edge slats and flaps, trailing edge flaps, and an electrically-powered or manually-operated horizontal stab.
Pitch control from?
Two hydraulically-powered elevators and an electrically-powered or manually-operated horizontal stab.
How are elevators connected?
Interconnected via torque tube and hinged to the horiz stab.
How are elevators positioned normally?
Two independent hyd PCU's in tail section in response to 3 different inputs.
What 3 inputs position the elevators?
-control column through the use of a cable system
-Mach trim
What are the inputs to the elevator feel system?
-hyd sys A and B pressure
-airspeed (via pitot tubes on vert stab)
-stab position
How does the feel computer determine which hyd system to use?
Compares pressure between A and B and uses the highest of the two.
If only one hyd system is available, how does this affect feel system?
Operates normally with only one hyd system.
What happens if feel computer senses a difference in hyd pressures?
-amber FEEL DIFF PRESS light on overhead panel.
Transient illuminations of the FEEL DIFF PRESS light caused by?
-On ground if control column is moved from neutral w/flaps up
-high demand on sys A or B causing back pressure surge in hyd system
3 ways stabilizer is moved?
-main electric trim (no hyd req-will disengage AP)
-Autopilot trim (need both hyd and elec)
-Manual (only pilot power required)
Two speeds and conditions of main electric trim?
-High: flaps extended
-Low: flaps retracted
Relative trim ranges between main electric, AP, and manual?
-Manual has the greatest range, and can be returned by AP or electric trim.
-Autopilot has more range than electric.
What happens if you try to takeoff with the stab trim out of the green band on the trim wheel?
Intermittent horn sounds. Same as 10000' cabin pressure horn.
What does the Speed Trim System do?
Improve flight characteristics during:
-low speed
-aft CG
-high thrust settings
What are the 4 inputs to the Speed Trim System?
-thrust lever position
-stab position
-vertical speed
What motor does speed trim system use?
Autopilot trim motor.
When are you most likely to see speed trim at work.
Takeoff and Go-Around
Conditions (9) for speed trim?
-Flaps down (500 up or down)
-Airspeed 100-300 kias
-10 seconds after liftoff
-5 seconds after release of control wheel trim switches
-N1 above 60%
-Autopilot NOT engaged
-sensing of a trim requirement
-High thrust settings
-Aft CG
Single speed trim channel failure? Dual?
-Amber SPEED TRIM FAIL light, normal ops with single remaining channel.
-SPEED TRIM FAIL, FLT CONT annunciator, both MCL's.
Stab Trim Cutout Switches? Location? Function?
Two on the control pedestal. MAIN ELEC and AUTO PILOT. Placing switch to CUT OUT disengages inputs from respective trim motor.
In the event of a stab trim runaway, what will opposing the forces with your control column do?
The control column stabilizer trim cutout switch, located under the cockpit floor interrupts power to the trim motors.
Once you've arrested the stab trim runaway with opposite force on the control column, what do you do next?
Remove power by using STAB TRIM cutout switches on the aft control pedestal.
If your elevator jams, how do you bypass the control column stabilizer trim cutout switch?
Guarded STAB TRIM OVERRIDE switch on the right aft corner of the control pedestal.
What condition must be met for the STAB TRIM OVERRIDE switch to operate normally?
MAIN ELEC STAB TRIM cutout switch must be in NORMAL.
How many of the stab brakes are required to maintain the stab position set by the trim system?
One of the two is reequired.
What are the three sources of aileron inputs? (cables into PCU's)
-Rotation of either control wheel
-electric trim system
Describe aileron operation in event of total hyd failure.
-can be moved manually via control wheel with much higher required forces due to aerodynamic loads.
What do the aileron balance tabs do?
Assist in moving the ailerons against aerodynamic loads (at all times, not just manual reversion...they are mechanically attached to the ailerons).
How do you overcome an aileron or spoiler jam?
Control wheel force.
What happens after ailerons or spoilers jam?
-Ailerons jam, only F/O can operate the spoilers (ailerons are mechanically isolated)
-Spoilers jam, only Captain can operate ailerons.
What is the power source for aileron trim? Describe aileron trim briefly.
Transfer bus 1.
Repositions aileron feel and centering mechanism (changes neutral).
What do you have to have in order to reposition aileron surfaces when using aileron trim?
Must have sys A or B hyd power available to the PCU.
What will happen to the yoke if you trim aileron with the A/P on?
Nothing. Trim is not reflected in control wheel position. Beware when disengaging autopilot.
Flight spoilers. How many, where, and what do they do?
Two (of five) outboard of engines. Roll Assist.
Inboard flight spoilers powered by? Outboard?
-Hyd A
-Hyd B
What do the SPOILER switches on the overhead panel do?
Control hydraulic shutoff valves between a/c hyd and spoiler system.
How and when are flight spoilers actuated?
Each is individually actuated. Approx 10 deg of aileron, spoilers on up aileron wing come up, down wing stay flush.
Speed Brakes in flight? Ground?
-Inboard spoilers (first two on each wing)
-All five on each wing
Ground spoilers operated by? What happens if Hyd A and B both fail?
-Sys A Hyd.
-No backup operation for flight or ground spoilers.
What does STAB OUT OF TRIM LIGHT mean?
Autopilot is on but not trimming stab correctly. 10 second delay built in to avoid nuisance warnings.
When is information from the ADC used to correct for Mach Tuck?
If you have flight spoilers deployed as speed brakes, do they still roll assist?
Yes. The "spoiler mixer" combines aileron inputs and SPEED BRAKE lever position to signal up aileron brakes further up, and down aileron brakes down a bit.
What consideration must be given to initiating a turn with the speed brakes extended?
It increases the roll rate...requires slower and smoother control wheel inputs.
What happens if you put the SPEED BRAKE lever aft of the FLIGHT DETENT position?
The airplane blows up. No not really, but it does cause buffeting and is not permitted.
What happens if the respective hyd system fails with spoilers down? Extended?
-Down when failed, remain locked.
-Up when failed, blow down, but not locked (can float up).
Under what (5) conditions might you encounter a rolling tendency when speed brakes are deployed?
-high speeds
-aileron and/or rudder trim in use
-autopilot engaged
-wing fuel out of balance
-turn being initiated
Ok, so you're rolling with speed brakes deployed, what do you do?
just retract 'em a little bit.
Fault in the Auto Speed brakes system? How annunciated? What do you do?
-Amber SPEED BRAKE DO NOT ARM light above the SPEED BRAKE ARMED light when handle is moved to ARMED.
-Put it back in DOWN position and manually deploy them after landing (runway length req's increase)
For normal landing, how do you arm Auto Speed Brakes?
Move lever to ARMED and observe green SPEED BRAKE ARMED light on captain's instrument panel.
When does white SPEED BRAKE light on forward instrument panel flash?
-SPEED BRAKE lever aft of ARMED
-air/ground sensor is in air mode
What happens with speed brakes during a normal landing?
With SB lever ARmed and both throttles at idel, SB lever moves aft to the up position and all flight and ground spoilers extend.
What is needed for Flight Spoilers to come up? Ground Spoilers?
-WSS on any two main wheels (thru antiskid system)
-Right strut compression (strut is mechanically linked to gnd spoil bypass valves). This also brings flight spoilers up if WSS is not sensed.
On ground with speed brakes up, what happens if you advance a throttle?
Speed brakes and SB lever retract to DOWN position if either throttle is advanced. Unless auto speed brake system is inop and you raised them manually. Then you must put them down. Tricky.
If you are landing with SB lever DOWN due to AUTO SPEED BRAKE DO NOT ARM light, will the speed brakes come up automatically at any time?
Yep, when select rev thrust and WSS>60 kts (anti skid operative). Anti-skid inop (i.e. no WSS), the speed brakes will auto up if rev thrust is selected w/in 4 seconds of right strut compression.
What happens to SB during rejected T/O?
All five panels come up if WSS>60 kts.
What does the white SPEED BRAKE light on the forward instrument panel mean?
-SPEED BRAKE lever is aft of ARmed
-the air/ground sensor is in air mode
-flaps >10
Normal ops with SPEED BRAKE armed?
-Throttles to IDLE, SB lever moves aft to the UP posn
-WSS on two wheels, Flt Spoilers up
-Right strut compression, Gnd Spoilers up (if no WSS is sensed, Flt Spoilers come up now too)
On the ground, when will the SB lever go to the DOWN position?
If either throttle is advanced. If it was previously manually positioned, it must be manually repositioned down though.
When will the speed brakes automatically extend if you have the handle DOWN.
With selection of Reverse Thrust and WSS>60kts, or if WSS not detected, if Reverse Thrust is selected w/in 4 seconds of touchdown
When do spoilers come up during RTO?
Upon selection of reverse thrust (if WSS> 60 kts)
Is aft movement of the SPEED BRAKE lever a guarantee your spoilers have come up?
No, it only indicates a command. Panel extension requires hydraulic power to the spoiler panels.
Describe the PCU of the rudder (non RSEP)?
Two separate chambers, one hyd A, one hyd B. Either can operate singly, but with reduced authority.
Describe RSEP PCU.
Two independent input linkages vice a single input linkage and single servo valve.
What must you have to operate rudder trim?
AC electrical power and either normal or standby hydraulic power.
How does trim work?
Redefines neutral position by repositioning rudder feel and centering unit. Rudder Pedals will move.
Max rudder trim equals?
4.25 inches, but does not reduce the amount of rudder travel available.
Non RSEP Rudder Pressure Reducer changes hyd A pressure from ? to ?
3000 psi to 1000 psi
3000 psi to 1800 psi
When is full A hydraulic pressure available to the rudder? (these are described differently for RSEP/vs Non, but essentially the same)(7)
-T/O from brake release to 1000'RA
-Ldg 700'RA through rollout
-One engine fail (45% diff of N1)
-Certain failures of the yaw damper coupler
-Certain failures of the RPR or RPL
-both radio altimiters fail
-Hyd system B depressurizes
What hyd system controls automatic yaw control?
System B
What 3 conditions must be met for automatic activation of standby rudder system. Non RSEP.
-Hyd A or B pressure is lost, or rudder pressure reducer fails to low pressure mode
-Trailing edge flaps are extended
-Airplane is in flight, or on grnd WSS>60
What additional condition on an RSEP airplane can trigger automatic activation of standby rudder system.
Force Fight Monitor (which detects opposing pressures between hyd A and B)
RSEP. What 3 things happen if the FFM detects hyd A and B pressure differential?
-Activates standby hyd pump
-Opens standby rudder shutoff valve, pressurizing standby rudder PCU
-Illuminates STBY RUD ON, FLT CONT, and MCL'S
What else does automatic operation of the standby rudder do?
Allows standby system to power the thrust reversers.
How does the yaw damper minimize dutch roll and assist in turn coordination?
Commands rudder displacement proportional to and opposing the yaw rate of the a/c.
What 5 things need to happen for the YAW DAMPER to operate?
-YAW DAMPER switch on the overhead panel is ON
-AC and DC are available
-Hyd B is pressurized
-B FLT CONTROL switch is ON
2 switches 2 powers 1 hyd
Does the yaw damper move the rudder pedals?
No, you have to see movement on the gauge.
If you turn the yaw damper off, does this affect the RPR?
How is the operation of the LED's controlled?
The position of the trailing edge flaps. The TEF drive unit opens and closes an LED hyd control valve.
When are the Leading Edge Flaps extended?
Only have one position, extended when TEF's are position 1 or greater.
What are the two possible extended conditions of the Leading Edge Slats?
TEF's 1, 2, or 5, slats are extended (sealed leading edge).
TEF's greater than 5, slats are full-extend (slotted leading edge).
When does the amber LE FLAPS TRANSIT light come on?
Whenever LED is in transit or LED not in proper position wrt TEF posit.
When is the AUTOSLAT system in operation? (3)
-nose gear air/ground sensor in air
-TEF posn 1, 2, 5 (slats in EXT)
-critical aoa approached
If AUTOSLAT system is activated, what happens?
Signals from one or both autoslat computers signal a autoslat control valve to supply Hyd B to the slats, auto ext them to FULL EXT. Reduce to EXT when AOA is reduced
What is different about annunciation in the event of AUTOSLAT operation?
No amber LE FLAPS TRANSIT light, but will still se movement on the LE DEVICES annunciator panel.
Indication of one autoslat computer fail? Both?
Amber AUTO SLAT FAIL light on overhead panel. Above plus FLT CONT annunciator and MCL's.
Regarding autoslats, what happens if hyd B pressure fails?
Hyd B elec pressure is not enough, so a PTU can use A pressure with B fluid (drawn thru the bottom of the reservoir) to operate autoslats.
In the event of Hyd B system failure, what system is used to drive the LED/TEF's?
Standby Hyd.
What system is in place to prevent transfer of Hyd B fluid and Standby fluid in the operation of the LED/TEF's?
Blocking valves for each opens when the other closes. Actuators are the same regardless of the system in use.
Limitations of the Alternate Flaps system?
-LED's only go down, they don't come up.
-TEF's driven by (slow) electric motor.
-Don't exceed flaps 15 in the event of a go around because
-Flaps >5, amber LE FLAP TRANSIT light due to LED TEF posn disagreement
2 kinds of normal airframe vibration?
-high-speed mach buffet
-low-level vertical vibration (vertical bounce)
Vertical bounce trivia:
-max at nose
-most often felt in climb (can be cruise)
-similar to light turb
-FL260 worst, decreases as go up
-Vib increase with IAS and Mach number increase
-high fuel loads/payloads
-not continuous, goes down w/ gross weight decrease
-aggravated w/ light turb, masked mod turb
-not safety of flight issue
Positioning either FLT CONTROL switch to STBY RUD does what? (5)
-closes flight control shutoff valve, isolating rud, ailer, elev, elev feel, A/P
-Turns on standby hyd pump and arms STANDBY HYD LOW PRESSURE light
-opens the standby rudder valve, press to standby PCU
-amber STBY RUD ON light on (previously valve position was annunciated by respective hyd LOW PRESSURE light)
-B FLT CONTROL switch automatically turns the YAW DAMPER switch off and sets RPR commands full sys A hyd press)
Positioning either FLT CONTROL switch to OFF does what (3)?
-closes flight control shutoff valve
-illuminates FLT CONTROL LOW PRESSURE, FLT CONT annunicator, and MCL's
-B FLT CONTROL switch turns YAW DAMPER switch OFF and sets RPR to full A hyd press
FLT CONTROL LOW PRESSURE light, FLT CONT annunciator and MCL mean one of three things:
-if FLT CONTROL switch in A, B, or OFF, means low pressure to using units
-in STBY RUD, means above, and standby rudder shutoff valve is not open (not clear if this is same for RSEP airplanes)
-A side below 700'RA, could mean RPR in low pressure mode.
If the standby hydraulic pump is automatically activated, does the FLT CONTROL LOW PRESSURE light function as a standby rudder shutoff valve position indicator?
No, only the FLT CONTROL switch being moved to STBY RUD makes this happen. (still not clear if same for RSEP airplanes)
Spoiler A and B switches:
A=hydraulic shutoff valve to inboard flight spoilers
B=outboard flight spoilers
2 ways yaw damper switch can kick off?
-power interruption (elect held on)
-B FLT CONTROL switch moved to OFF or STBY RUD
Is the yaw damper on if the switch is on?
Not necessarily. Could be on, but no hyd to yd b/c hyd B unpressurized. YAW DAMPER light will be out as well. Tricky.
ALTERNATE FLAPS master switch to ARM (5)
-turns on standby hyd pump and arms STANDBY HYD LOW PRESSURE light
-ALTERNATE FLAPS position switch is armed
-TEF bypass valve closes, which isolates TEF from sys B and removes TEF asymmetry protection.
ALTERNATE FLAPS position switch:
UP: elect retract TEF, stays here unless moved to OFF
DOWN: LEF down w/standby hyd, LEF FULL EXTEND w/ standby hyd, TEF extend w/ electric drive motor (2 minutes flaps 15).
What does a FEEL DIFF PRESS light indicate? When is it armed?
-excessive diff press between two elev feel outlet lines (w/FLT CONT and MCL)
-Armed when TEF's are UP
List three times you might see a SPEED TRIM FAIL light. When is it armed?
-both FCC speed trim channels fail (w/ FLT CONT and MCL)
-on if sys annunc is recalled if speed trim channel in one FCC has failed.
-illuminates prior to IRU align on some a/c
-light is armed at all times.
-Auto on when both FCC Mach trim channels fail.
-recall annunciator, on if one channel has failed
-armed all the time
-auto on if both computers fail
-recall on if one computer fail
-light armed at all times
What do the elevator balance tabs do and when are they operative?
Assist moving elevator vs. aerodynamic loads.
Work continuously in normal and manual reversion operations
What does the Mach Trim system do?
Automatically commands elevators to move when airplane is above .615 Mach, providing speed stability and compensating for Mach Tuck.
What does the solid state yaw damper coupler provide?
Control and indication electronics for:
-system monitoring
-fault analysis
When will the amber YAW DAMPER light illuminate? Does the switch position affect RPR?
When YAW DAMPER switch is OFF or when the yaw damper system detects an internal fault and shuts down automatically. RPR not affected by YAW DAMPER switch.
What provides asymmetry protection for the flaps?
A comparator switch inside the flap indicator itself.
What is the speed restriction with LEDS deployed?
230 kts
What does the STAB TRIM OVERRIDE switch do?
Bypasses the control column actuated stabilizer trim cutout switch allowing power to the main electric stab trim motor regardless of column movement