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Indications of an APU fire (5)
-FIRE WARN lights
-APU fire handle illuminates
-wheel well horn and light
-APU automatically shuts down
Rotating the APU fire handle in either direction does what?
electrically fires the squib which punctures the seal of the freon bottle, rotating the other way then does nothing.
APU yellow disk missing? Red?
Bottle has been intentionally fired. Fired for some other reason.
APU DET INOP light means?
No fire detection and no auto shutdown for APU.
During cargo fire warning, what lights will go on?
DET lights, FIRE light, and the master caution OVHT/DET annunciator remain illuminated until fire warning goes away.
During cargo fire warning, which of the lights may cycle on and off?
DET lights due to changes in smoke density and airplane attitude.
What happens when all cargo DET lights go out?
System automatically resets itself to normal mode of operation.
How long does it take for the second halon bottle to discharge?
Light goes on around 40 minutes, fire suppression capability lasts around 60 minutes.
Can you use one bottle in each compartment?
Warning against it, it will result in ineffective portions sent to both pits.
What are the possible consequences of liquid spills in the cockpit?
Cause a false fire light on the CARGO DETECTION SUPPRESSION panel or discharge the bottles. Other indications may not exist or be inconsistent.
What does FAULT light on engine/apu fire panel mean?
There is no fire detection on at least one engine.
What do nozzles look like on lav fire extinguishers before and after dischage?
Black before, change to aluminum/silver after.
Limitations of Wheel Well fire detection system?
No overheat detection, fire protection, or fault detection. Just put the damn gear down.
Pulling the Engine Fire Handle does what?
-Closes fuel shutoff valve
-Bleed air valve
-hydraulic fire shutoff valve
-Disarms T/R and the engine driven hydraulic pump low pressure light
-Arms squib and allows handle to rotate
-opens generator field
3- Valves closed
2- Lights Disarmed (eng hyd pump/rev)
1- Extinguisher
Open Gen Field
Pulling APU fire handle does what?
-closes APU fuel shutoff valve, APU bleed air valve and the APU inlet door
-Arms the squib and allows handle to rotate
-opens the generator field
Handle unlocks
Auto Shutdown
Door Closes
Two fuel valves closed
Open Generator Field
Bleed Valve closes
APU fire bottle minimum pressure?
540 psi.
When is the OVHT/FIRE test valid for a the WHEEL WELL light?
Only if AC transfer bus 1 is powered.
What is the minimum fire extinguisher bottle pressure for the engine bottles?
760 psi
-both MCLs
-OVHT/DET annunciator panel light
-FAULT light
FAULT/INOP switch to OVHT/FIRE? 11 in cockpit, 1 in wheel well
-both FIRE WARN lights
-both MCLs
-OVHT/DET annunciator panel light
-Engine 1, APU, Engine 2 fire handle lights
-APU fire warning light in wheel well
How many fire detectors are installed on the APU?
One. No overheat.
What does the APU fire extinguishing system consist of?
-one freon bottle
-APU fire handle
-extinguisher test