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Will the oxygen pressure indicator display normally with cockpit oxygen shutoff valve closed?
It may.
How long do the oxygen generators last?
12 minutes
When do passenger oxygen masks drop?
Cabin pressure of 14,000'
Who can control emergency lighting?
Pilots via overhead panel or FA's via aft flight attendant panel. BAT switch must be ON.
How is emergency lighting system powered?
Batteries which are charged anytime DC bus 1 is powered. Fully charged batteries=15 minutes. Lights come on automatically if DC bus 1 is lost.
NOT ARMED caution light indicates?
EMER EXIT LIGHT switch is ON or OFF. Does not monitor aft FA panel.
What color should PBE indicator be?
Blue, pink indicates moisture
How long do you have with a PBE? What indicates the end of the cycle? What do the green flashing lights indicate.
15 minutes. Alternating red and green blinking light on lower left corner. Operation of timer only.
How much cockpit oxygen is required for a crew of 2? How much more for each addl OMC?
875psi. 375psi.
Where is the cockpit oxygen shutoff valve? What is its normal position? What will oxygen pressure indicator show if it is closed?
Near the P6-4 panel behind f/o's seat. Open. It may show normal pressure, but O2 will not flow to the mask.
Describe each passenger oxygen module, F/A stations, and Lavs.
4 masks, 2, 2.
How long do Emergency Batteries last?
Fully charged, 15 minutes
Regarding the Cockpit Emergency Lighting Control, if the NOT ARMED light comes on, what is it telling you?
The COCKPIT EMER EXIT LIGHTS switch is not armed. It does not monitor the aft flight attendant panel switch with a similar name.