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On a Reciporcating system with 150lbs of refrigerant, where would you find the stop valves?
On the Compressor inlet and discharge lines.
What type of compressor commonly uses R-11 ?
Large Centrifugal.
A Halide Torch in a refrigeration system detects what ?
Checks for leaks in a Freon system.
If an electric motor has been re-wound, reducing the amount of windings by 1/2, how will the motor power be effected ?
It will Decrease by 1/2.
What is the minumum waiting time when testing refrigerant piping for leaks?
30 Minutes.
In a system with a high side float, frost on the suction line is an indication of what ?
An exxcessive amount of refrigerant in the system.
What type of expansion valve would you use with a system under 3 tons ?
Testing for a leak using a Halide Torch, what would cause the flame to turn Yellow ?
Restriction in the line.
Does a Low Pressure Contoller start and stop a refrigeration cycle ?
Would Gas in the Liquid Line cause High Discharge Pressure ?