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The three elements of a SOAP Envelope, and which is optional.
1) Envelope
2) Header (optional)
3) Body
What are the two formatting options within the SOAP Specification?
Style and Use
If no Style attribute is specified, the ____ style is used when formatting SOAP Methods.
Valid values for the Use Attribute are _____, _______, and ______
Literal, Encoded, Default
The .NET Framework supports the ______ Profile
WS-I Basic
The ________ attribute must be applied at the Web Service level, but the _______ attribute allows you to define different bindings for each web method
WebServiceBinding, SoapDocumentMethod/SoapRpcMethod
The _____ class can be constructed with an instance of ______, which allows you to customize the XML serialization of a class.
XmlSerializer, XmlAttributeOverrides
The "Encoded" value indicates that the SOAP method will be formatted ____.
as specified by XML Schema Definitions in the WSDL
Web Services Description Language
Both the _____ and _____ attributes should be set in order to create a web service that complies to the WS-I Basic profile.
ConformsTo, EmitConformanceClaims
What method on XmlSerializer is used to serialize an object into an XML document?
What class must be inherited to add a SOAP Header to a public Web Method.
Possible values for a SoapHeader's Direction attribute?
In (To Service only)
Out (To Client only)
InOut (To Service & Client)
Fault (To Client when Service Throws Exception)
How do you set the DidUnderstand property of a header?
Create a local SoapUnknownHeader on the Web Service

Add SoapHeader("variableName") to the webmethod declaration

Set the DidUnderstand property on each header in the SoapUnknownHeader object to false.
The header element is not required, but can contain how many header blocks?