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What does DHCP stand for ?
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Before a DHCP server can distribute addresses it must be ___ in Active Direcetory by an ____.
Authorized, Enterprise Administrator
What is the reason behind The need for DHCP server authorization ?
Prevent rogue DHCP servers from surfacing.
How is an unauthorized DHCP server identified ?
In the DHCP console the server name will have an icon showing a red down arrow
Can a non-Enterprise Admin be granted the authority to authorize DHCP servers?
An authorized DHCP server will prevent DHCP from running on what types of systems ?
Windows 200 and Windows Server 2003 stand-alone-systems.
A collection of IP addresses associated with a particular physical network segment is called a _____ ?
What must be done to a scope before it can assign addresses to requesting clients ?
It must be activated.
How is an inactivated scope identified ?
In the DHCP console the scope will have an icon showing a red down arrow.
What is the purpose of an exclusion range?
To prevent the dynamic assignment of specific IP addresses from within the range of the scope.
What is the purpose of a reservation ?
To assign the same IP address toa particular MAC address every time a request is received.
What happens when reserved addresses are excluded ?
The exclusion will prevent the assignment of the IP address.
What is the easiest way to identify a systems MAC address ?
What are DHCP options ?
Configuration information regarding DNS domain name (15), DNS servers (06), WINS servers (44), routers (03), (default gateways) and more.
Why should DHCP options be configured ?
Reduce administrative effort needed in configuring TCP/IP properties for client systems.
What is the default lease duration for DHCP?
8 days
When should a DHCP lease duration be reduced ?
When a limited # of IP addresses is available.
When should a DHCP lease duration be increased ?
What an ample # of IP addresses are available.
How can a client be configured to use a particular static IP address when it is unable to obtain an IP address from DCHP dynamically ?
Use the Alternate Configuration tab on the TCP/IP properties.
How is the DHCP database backed up ?
Automatically or Manually through the DHCP console or NTBackup
In order to restore the DCHP database(dhcp.mdb)to another server what type of backup must be used ?
A backup created manually through the DHCP console or NTBackup
What is the best means of restoring a DHCP database ?
Use the DHCP console.
What is the command line text necessary to stop the DHCP service? Start the service?
Net stop dhcpserver, net start dhcpserver
What steps should be taken to move a DHCP databse from one server to another ?
1.Backup the DHCP database.
2.Stop the DHCP service on the old server.
3.Copy the backup to new server.
4.Restore the DHCP database to new server.
5.Start the DHCP service.
6.Ensure server is authorized and scopes are activated.
What does APIPA stand for ?
Automatic Private IP Addressing.
What is the purpose of APIPA ?
Allow client systems to self assign an IP address if one cannont be obtained from DHCP server.
When configuring a new DHCP database what feature can be enabled to ensure that duplicate IP addresses are not delivered ?
Conflict Detection.
What does DORA stand for ?
During DORA, which steps does the client send its MAC address ?
What does a DHCP server return when an address cannot be given ?
NACK or Negative Acknowledgement.
What are some causes for excessive NACKs ?
Server not authorized, scope not activated or a rogue DHCP server exists.
What is the purpose of a DHCP Relay Agent ?
Allow clients on remote networks to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server that is separated by non-RFC1542 compliant routers.
Routers that do not support DHCP traffic are said not to pass what kind of traffic ?
How is a DHCP Relay Agent configured ?
The DHCP Relay Agent is a service available when the Routing and Remote Access service is enabled.
Can A DHCP Relay Agent be configured on a Windows XP Professional system ?
No, it must be a server other than the DHCP server itself.
Can a DHCP Relay Agent be configured on a non-Windows router ?
Yes. Cisco routers, for example, support the ability to be a DHCP Relay Agent.
For segments that contain DHCP server and a DHCP Relay Agent, what needs to be done to ensure that the DHCP server is given a chance to respond before the Relay Agent picks up the request ?
The Relay Agent Boot Threshold needs to be configured.
What is the default Relay Agent Boot Threshold ?
4 Seconds.
How can the integrity of the DHCP database be verified ?
Reconcile all scopes.
How should the DHCP-DNS intergration be configured to force DHCP to update all client records, remove lease expired records, and update on behalf of down-level (non-dynamic DNS capable) clients?
see pic...