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If the administrator is never used, what can be done to prevent unauthorized user from logging in as the administrator ?
Disable the administrator account.
How can EFS be permitted for only a limited subset of machines ?
Disable EFS at the domain level, Enable EFS in a GPO linked to an OU with the appropriate subset of systems listed within.
How can an enterprise network be configured to ensure that users are not running rogue applications
Softare restricion policied.
What type of software restriction policy is best for applications with code that is constantly changing ?
Path Rule.
What software restriction policy is best for applications with code that is static but an installation path that changes ?
Hash Rule.
What softare restriction policy can be used to ensure that only validated applications are allowed to be installed ?
Certificate Rule.
Which audit setting will capture network logons ?
Audit account logon events.
Which audit setting will capture interactive logons or access to a system via the network ?
Audit logon events
Which audit setting will capture access to files, folders, printers and registry keys ?
Object Access.
What events should be audited to audit all access to confidential files and folders ?
Success and Failure for Audit Object Access.
What events should be audited to audit any attempt to modifiy a registry key ?
Success and Failure to Audit object Access.
How can the Event Viewer retention settings be configured for multiple systems ?
Group Policy Object (GPO)
Define the principle of least privilege ?
Allowing users to only have the rights necessary to perform their jobs and noting more.
What built in group provides users with the ability to create Group Policy Objects ?
Group Policy Creator Owners group.
What security template resets a system to its original system configuration ?
Setup security.inf
What security template resets a domain controller to its original DC configuration ?
Dc security.inf
What right must a user have to be able to link Group Policy Objects ?
Manage GPLinks (this is a default task available in the Delegation of Control Wizard)
What utility will examine a system for security vulnerabilities like weak or expired passwords as well as missing updates and hot fixes ?
MBSA or mbsacli.exe command line version.
What windows Management Instrumentation command line tool can be used to identify missing security updates ?
Wmic /qfe
What network service facilitates deploying updates, service packs, and hot fixes ?
Software Update Service (SUS)
What network service should be restarted when SUS experiences problems ?
How can domain clients easily be configured to pull all updates from server name SUS02 ?
Use a GPO to specity http://sus02 as the server for both intranet updates and intranet statistics server.
What Service Pack is required for Windows XP clients to support being a SUS client for updates ?
Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Later.
What Service Pack is required for Windows 2000 clients to support being a SUS client for updates ?
Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or later.
Without installing a Service Pack how can Windows 2000 and Windows XP clients be configured as SUS clients for updates ?
Install the Automatic Updates client on each system.(wuau22.msi)
What is the name of the Automatic Updates Client ?
In what two ways can data be secured as it is being transferred ?
Configure a web share and use SSL or IPSec.
What are the three default IPSec policies ?
Client (respond), Server (request), Secure Server(require).
Which IPSec policy uses "security when asked"?
Client (respond)
Which IPSec policy uses "security when available"?
Server (request)
Which IPSec policy uses "security always"?
Secure Server(require)
What utilities are available for managing and moniotring IPSec ?
IP Security Monitor snap-in, IP Security Policy Management snap-in, ipseccmd, and netsh.
Which command line utility provides details on IPSec main mode negotiations, quick mode degotiations, and logging ?
What can be done to ensure that host names are resolved when monitoring IPSec traffic in the IP Security Monitor snap-in ?
ON the properties of a system listed in the IP security Monitor snap-in enable the "Enable DNS name resolution" option.
What options are available for IPSec authentication ?
Kerberos V5, Certificates, and Pre-shared key.
What prerequisite exists for using Kerberos v5 as the IPSec authenticaiton method ?
Any system involved in the negotiation must belong to a trusted Active Directory domain.
When systems do not belong to a trusted Active Directory domain which IPSec authentication method is best ?
What is the WEAKEST of the three IPSec authentication methods ?
Pre-shared key.
When should the Pre-shared key authentication method be configured ?
Only for testing purposes, never in final deployment production networks.