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What is a trace log file?
A file generated when a trace data provider is selected in the Performance tool.
How can the status of Software Update Services(SUS) content synchronization be viewed for recent update dates, success and failure notifications, the type of synchronization, and the time of the next synchronization process?
synchronization log
Which three views can be created to display performance data in System Monitor?
Which Terminal Services Configuration option allows you to set the maximum amount of time a disconnected session can remain open on a server?
End a disconnected session
How do you configure Remote Desktop for the various desktop background and themes, and select the connection speed to optimize performance?
On the Experience tab of the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box.
Which interface is used to view a saved counter log file?
System Monitor
How is a performance baseline created?
By collecting data over an extended period of time, during varying but typical types of workloads and user connections.
Which type of monitoring is used to establish the current state of the four primary subsystems: memory, processor, disk, & network?
Real-time monitoring
Which management utility will allow you to manage and monitor server events, performance, shared folders, data storage, and start & stop services on a remote server?
Computer Management
How can an administrator keep track of the approvals and rejections for content downloaded to Software Update Services(SUS)?
approval log
Which collection of performance measurements is used as a standard for future comparisons for the purpose of indicating network system or network performance?
Where will you find the Adminpak.msi on a Windows Server 2003 computer?
System32 folder
Which Windows-based servers can be remotely managed using Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop for Administration?
Windows 2000 Server
Windows Server 2003
How many connections are supported using Remote Desktop for Administration?
Two unique connections and one console session are supported.
Which program is designed to manage licensing for the enterprise and enables you to administer and track licensing data for a site in the centralized location?
Licensing(in Administrative Tools)
Which type of events does a trace log file record?
Trace log files record detailed system events, such as disk I/O, page faults, or thread creations and deletions.
Which Terminal Services Configuration option allows you to set the length of time a session can be idle before it is logged off?
Idle session limit
Which three components must be included in the backup set to provide the ability to restore Software Update Services(SUS)?
Web site directory containing the administration site.
Software Update Services directory containing content.
IIS metabase.
Which administrative permissions are required in order to create or delete performance counter logs?
The user account must have membership in either the Performance Log Users group or the local Administrator group on the computer.
You maintain an archive site for counter log files. How can you create an automated copy operation to transfer completed counter log files to this site?
Use the Run this command option and identify the copy script using Browse.
Which Performance Console feature allows you to define a counter value that triggers an action, such as a network message, program execution, or starting a log?
Which Windows Server 2003 tool provides information about programs & processes running on the system, the status of running & unresponsive programs, and a dynamic overview of computer & network performance?
Task Manager
Which new kernel-mode driver has been added to parse and queue incoming HTTP requests and then cache and return application and site content?
What is the default status of IIS 6.0 when performing a clean installation of Windows Server 2003?
IIS 6.0 is not installed by default with Windows Server 2003.
Which hardware requirements must be met to install Microsoft Software Update Services(SUS)?
Pentium III 700 MHz or higher
512 MB RAM
6 GB of hard disk space for setup & security packages
Which Terminal Server mode replaces Application mode and allows multiple remote clients to simultaneously access Windows-based applications that run on the server?
Terminal Server mode
Which IIS 6.0 tool allows administrators to use a Web browser to remotely administer a Web server across an intranet or the Internet?
Remote Administration(HTML) tool
Which four memory-related problems can be identified by monitoring server memory?
Memory bottlenecks
Insufficient memory
Excessive paging
Memory leak
Once IIS 6.0 is deployed, which features are enabled by default?
IIS 6.0 runs in a locked-down configuration by default, with only static file support enabled.
Which new Terminal Services feature allows users to reconnect to the specific disconnected session they have left within a farm rather than just being directed to the least loaded server when they reconnect?
Session Directory
After downloading Software Update Services(SUS) from the Windows Update Web site, which file should you run to install SUS on the server?
Where do you configure Remote Desktop for access to the disk drives, serial ports, printers, or smart cards on your local computer?
On the Local Resources tab of the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box.
Which four methods are available for installing Remote Desktop Connection(RDC) on earlier versions of Windows computers?
Use Microsoft Systems Management Server or Windows 2000 Group Policy to publish/assign the Windows Installer-based RDC.
Share the %systemroot%\system32\clients\tsclient\win32 directory on Windows Server 2003.
Install directly from the Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 CD, using the 'Perform Additional Tasks' selection from the CD's autoplay menu.
Download from
What is a data provider in the Microsoft .Net framework?
A bridge between an application and a data source used for the retrieval and reconciliation of data.
Which Performance Console feature records samples of data about hardware resources and system services based on performance objects, counters, and scheduled interval time?
Performance Counter Log
Where can Automatic Updates be configured on a Windows Server 2003 computer?
from the Automatic Updates tab in System Properties
In which mode should IIS 6.0 be configured before an application pool can be created?
worker process isolation mode
How many Terminal Server Client Access Licenses(CALs)are required to use Remote Desktop for Administration?
No licenses are required for Remote Desktop for Administration use.
Which memory-related condition exists when applications allocate memory for use but do not free allocated memory when finished?
memory leak
How must the two IIS 6.0 application isolation modes be run if both are needed for applications on your Web servers?
on separate computers
Which non-Windows based operating systems will support the installation of Remote Desktop Connection(RDC) client software?
A Macintosh Remote Desktop Connection client is available. All other non-Windows clients require a third-party add-on.
How can disk quotas be used for tracking disk space usage?
Enable quotas but do not set disk space limits.
Which five authentication methods are integrated into IIS 6.0?
integrated Windows authentication
basic authentication
digest authentication
client certificates
.NET passports
Which software and server requirements must be met to install Microsoft Software Update Services(SUS)?
Windows 2000 Server SP2 or Windows Server 2003
IIS 5.0 or later
IIS 6.0 or later
Install on a NTFS partition
Which two wizards are available in Windows Server 2003 for the installation of IIS 6.0?
Configure Your Server Wizard
Windows Components Wizard
Which new IIS 6.0 measures have been added to make exploiting buffer and memory overflow vulnerabilities more difficult?
IIS 6.0 screens incoming requests for abnormally large transaction requests and can be configured to automatically shut down worker processes whose applications have failed after a memory or buffer overflow.
Which system in Windows Server 2003 combines physical memory, the file system cache, and disk into an information storage and retrieval system?
Virtual memory system
Which Windows Server 2003 console provides access to the Performance Logs and Alerts System Monitor tools?
Performance Console
Which Terminal Services Configuration option allows you to set the maximum amount of time a user's session can remain active on the server?
Active session limit
Which IIS operation mode, included with IIS 6.0, manages processes similarly to IIS 5.0 and ensures compatibility with existing IIS applications?
IIS 5.0 isolation mode
Which IIS 6.0 process is used to link application worker processes to allow for application pooling?
Which two modes of operation are included with IIS 6.0?
Worker process isolation
IIS 5.0 isolation mode
Which new design feature in IIS 6.0 allows Web applications on the same Web server to run separately, producing a more stable Web platform?
Application isolation
What is the default pool that all applications in IIS 6.0 are assigned?
What primary Windows Server 2003 monitoring tools are used for logged monitoring?
Performance Logs and Alerts
Which type of monitoring involves collecting and storing data over an extended period of time for later analysis?
Logged monitoring
Which new IIS 6.0 feature allows a Web server to use credentials presented by a user to access other systems on the network, ensuring stolen credentials can only be used to access select applications, and not other secured resources?
constrained delegated authentication
In which context do all worker processes run in IIS 6.0 in order to adhere to the security principle of least privilege?
as Network Service, a new account built into Windows Server 2003
Which Windows Server 2003 feature allows administrators to manage resources by limiting the storage space consumed by users?
Disk Quotas
What is Automatic Updates?
Client software that can download packages from critical updates to produce enhancements from either the Windows Update site or a server running Software Update Services(SUS).
Which Terminal Server mode is used to remotely manage Windows Server 2003 servers and is designed to provide operators and administrators with remote access to typical back-end servers and domain controllers?
Remote Desktop for Administration
How can you ensure that a counter log will run at precisely nine hours and start at the same time each day?
Configure the Start log and Stop log values on the Schedule tab for the counter log.
Which Windows Server 2003-based service can synchronize update content on either the Windows Updates Web site or a content distribution point you create, and then make these patches, hotfixes, and service packs available to network clients?
Windows Software Update Server(SUS)
Which utility is used to change the default encryption settings and to configure reset and disconnect timeouts?
Terminal Services Configuration (tscc.msc)
Which tool is used for managing IIS 6.0?
IIS Manager
Which two tools are available in Windows Server 2003 to view data and manage licensing for server products and to ensure that you are complying with the Windows .NET server operating system licensing requirements?
Licensing(Control Panel)
Licensing(Administrative Tools)
Which four server subsystems should be considered when monitoring server performance?
Which utility is used to manage Terminal Services users, sessions, and processes on any server running Terminal Services on the network and can be used to connect and disconnect, log off, reset, and remotely control sessions?
Terminal Services Manager(tsadmin.exe)
How is authorization now controlled in IIS 6.0?
By using Web.config files.
Which Windows Installer Package contains the Windows Server 2003 administrative tools that can be downloaded and installed on client computers?
Which new security feature in IIS 6.0 sends binary, unformatted log data from multiple Web sites to a single log file, minimizing the server resources that are used for logging while at the same time providing detailed log data?
centralized binary logging
In IIS 6.0, how can related Web sites and applications be grouped so that independent worker processes serve the group?
in self-contained units called application pools
Which program is designed to manage licensing requirements locally on the computer and can be used to add or remove Client Access Licenses for a server product licensed in Per Server mode, change the licensing mode from Per Server to Per Device or Per User, and configure the time or frequency of replication of the server's licensing information to the centralized database on the site's license server?
Licensing (in Control Panel)
Which IIS operation mode, included with IIS 6.0, isolates key components of the WWW Publishing Service(WWW Service) from the effects of defective applications using isolated worker processes?
worker process isolation mode
When IIS is installed on a computer, how is it installed securely?
in a secure and "locked" mode
Which Windows Server 2003 utility will allow you to remotely perform all administrative tasks on a server as if you were sitting at the remote server console?
Remote Desktop for Administration
Which IIS 6.0 configuration links to one or more Web applications to a worker process to ensure that your Web applications remain available?
application pooling
How can you monitor a server without Task Manager and/or the Performance Console creating an additional load on the system that may cause misrepresentation of the performance data?
Monitor the server remotely from another server or workstation.
Who typically uses the data provided by a trace log file?
Developers use this data for monitoring and troubleshooting applications and processes.
Which two primary Windows Server 2003 monitoring tools are used for real-time monitoring?
System Monitor
Task Manager