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Which interface can be used to manually configure driver signing options?
System Properties
You want the ability to extend a simple volume. Which file system(s) support this task?
How can a dynamic disk be reverted to a basic disk?
The data must be backed up, a basic partition must be created, and the data restored.
Disk Management can be accessed in the Computer Management console or by creating a separate Disk Management console. Which method should be used to allow Disk Management to be used to manage a remote computer?
Create a separate Disk Management console which can be focused on the remote computer.
Which partitions of a basic disk act as though they are physically separate disks?
primary partitions
Which Performance disk subsystem controller indicates the rate at which bytes are transferred to or from the disk during read or write operations?
Disk Bytes/sec
Acceptable range: baseline or higher
How many volumes can be configured on a dynamic disk?
There is no limit to the number of volumes that can be created on a dynamic disk.
Which NTFS file system storage option allows the expansion of available drives beyond the 26-drive limit and allows the use of intuitive names?
mounted drive
Which volumes cannot be extended?
Volumes that were originally created on basic disks. Volumes that contain either the system partition, the boot partition, or active paging files.
Which group policy is used to define unsigned device driver behavior?
Devices: Unsigned driver installation behavior
Which type of volume is created by combining the unallocated space on multiple dynamic disks into a single logical volume, but cannot be striped and does not provide fault tolerance?
spanned volume
Which Windows File Protection tool can scan and verify the version of all protected system files and will replace overwritten files with the correct version?
System File Checker(SFC)
Which classification of device driver is certified as having undergone extensive testing to ensure compatibility with Windows Server 2003?
signed device drivers
Which boot.ini option specifies the maximum amount of RAM that the operating system can use?
Which text-mode command interpreter enables administrators to manage objects, such as partitions and volumes, by using scripts or direct input from a command prompt?
What happens to the stored data when a partition is deleted?
The data is destroyed.
Which disk type conversion can be completed without loss of data?
A basic disk can be converted to a dynamic disk without data loss.
Which Performance disk subsystem counter reports the amount of time that a drive is busy servicing read and write requests?
% Disk Time
Acceptable range: less than 50%
You have added a new disk to your computer and Disk Management does not detect the new device. Which option from the Action menu should you execute?
Rescan Disks
Which Performance processor counter tracks the number of requests in the queue for a selected processor?
Server Work Queue: Queue Length
Acceptable range: less than 4; should consistently be below 2
How do you establish a file system on an extended partition?
By creating one or more logical drives in the extended partition and formatting these drives.
What is the primary purpose for creating a spanned volume?
To increase the amount of available storage space when the required unallocated space is not available on a single disk.
Which group policy setting allows unsigned driver installation after a warning is issued to the user?
Warn but allow installation
Which Performance server counter compares the Bytes received per second counter to the total bandwidth of a network adapter card to determine whether the network connection is producing a bottleneck?
Server: Bytes Received/sec
Acceptable range: less than 50% capacity of the bandwidth supported by network adapter card
How can a basic physical disk be divided into sections so that each section functions as a separate unit?
Create partitions on the basic physical disk.
How many partitions can be configured on a basic disk?
Four primary partitions, or three primary partitions and one extended partition.
How many logical drives can be configured on a basic disk?
Which disk type is configured by default when Windows Server 2003 is installed?
basic disk
Which software component is a program that allows a specific device, such as a modem, network adapter, or printer, to communicate with the operating system?
device driver
Which status is displayed in Disk Management for a dynamic disk that is intermittently unavailable or corrupt?
Which Performance disk subsystem counter reports the average number of bytes transferred to or from the disk during read or write operations?
Avg. Disk Bytes/Transfer
Acceptable range: baseline or higher
Which Performance memory counter tracks the number of times a virtual page was not found in memory?
Page Faults/sec
Acceptable range: 5 or below
Which two types of fault tolerance software is provided by Windows Server 2003?
RAID 5 - Striping with Parity
RAID 1 - Disk Mirroring
In general, how do you uninstall a Plug and Play device in Windows Server 2003?
disconnect or remove the device
Which Windows component prevents the replacement of protected system files, such as those with the .sys and .dll extensions?
Windows File Protection
Which interface can be used to identify, enable, disable, or uninstall device drivers, and can be used to print a summary of all devices attached to the computer?
Device Manager
Your Windows Server 2003 computer contains a non-redundant volume that spans multiple disks. You move only a single disk from this volume to another Windows Server 2003 computer. What will be the result?
The volume will be disabled on both the original and target system. When all disks are moved, the volume will be recovered to its original state.
You have attached a new disk to your Windows Server 2003 computer. Which action must be completed before the new disk can be partitioned?
The disk must first be initialized.
Which Performance disk subsystem counter reports the number of pending I/O requests for the disk drive?
Current Disk Queue Length
Acceptable range: Number of spindles plus 2
What are the maximum partition sizes for the FAT, FAT32, and NTFS file systems?
FAT32 - 32GB
Which Windows 2003 feature can be used to restore a device driver to the previously installed version?
the Roll Back Driver feature in Device Manager
What is the primary benefit for creating a striped volume?
Data can be accessed using multiple drive heads, increasing read and write performance.
Which Performance processor counter tracks the number of requests made per queue for the processor, indicating the number of threads that are ready to be executed or are waiting for processor time?
System: Processor Queue Length
Acceptable range: less than 10
Which command-line tool can identify signed and unsigned files on a computer and will provide general information, such as modification date and version number, for these files?
File Signature Verification
Which term refers to the transferal of a dynamic disk from a source computer to a target computer?
importing a foreign disk
Which Performance processor counter tracks the percentage of elapsed time that the processor spends to execute a non-idle thread?
% Processor Time
Acceptable range: 85% and below
Which type of volume is created by expanding an existing volume onto unallocated space on the same disk or a different disk?
extended volume
Which Performance memory counter reports the amount of available memory?
Available Bytes
Acceptable range: 5% of total memory or greater
Which method of hardware support enables a computer system to automatically recognize and adapt to hardware configuration changes with little or no user intervention?
Plug and Play
Which disk type is required for the creation of simple, striped, spanned, mirrored, or RAID-5 volumes?
dynamic disk
Which volume type is a single volume that resides on a dynamic disk?
simple volume
Which self-contained unit of storage in NTFS involves assigning a drive path to a drive rather than a drive letter?
mounted drive
How do you prevent device drivers from being loaded at startup for a device that must remain connected to the computer?
Disable the device in Device Manager.
Which command can be entered from the command prompt to convert an existing volume named D: from FAT to NTFS?
convert d: /fs:ntfs
Which two methods can be used to manage unsigned device driver behavior?
Create a local or group policy to manage the behavior.
Manually define the driver signing options.
Which generic term refers to any piece of equipment that can be attached to a computer?
Which Microsoft Management Console(MMC) consolidates all disk management tasks into a single, easy-to-use interface?
Disk Management
Which operating systems are supported by Windows Server 2003 as source computers for imported disks?
all Windows 2000 operating systems
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP 64-bit Edition
Windows Server 2003
Which group policy setting allows unsigned device driver installation without a warning being issued?
Silently succeed
Which Microsoft resource provides a listing of all operating system-supported hardware devices?
HCL(Hardware Compatibility List)
Which Performance network counter indicates the number of bytes that are sent by using this network adapter card?
Network Interface: Bytes Sent/sec
Acceptable range: baseline or higher; dependent on adapter throughput speed
Which Performance processor counter tracks the number of interrupts that the processor is servicing from applications or from hardware devices?
Acceptable range: depends on processor
Which group policy setting prevents unsigned device drivers from being installed on the managed computer?
Do not allow installation
Which Task Manager counter indicates the percentage of the network bandwidth in use for the local network segment?
Network Utilization
Acceptable range: 30% or below
What will be the status of a volume when all the disks that contain parts of the volume are moved to a Windows Server 2003 computer?
Once scanned, the volume and its data will remain in the identical state.
Which three limitations must be considered when using Device Driver Roll Back?
You can only roll back one driver version.
Print drivers cannot be rolled back.
Multiple device drivers for all functions in a multifunction device must be rolled back individually.
Which Performance memory counter reports the amount of virtual memory that is committed to either physical RAM for storage or to pagefile space?
Committed Bytes
Acceptable range: less than installed physical memory
Which type of volume is created by combining the unallocated space on multiple dynamic disks into a single logical volume where data is written across the array in blocks, but does not provide fault tolerance?
striped set
Which Performance memory counter tracks the number of requested pages that were not available in RAM, causing them to be accessed or written to disk?
Acceptable range: 0-20; should consistently be 5 or lower
Which Windows Server 2003 object is used to organize multiple dynamic disks so that they can be managed as a collection?
disk group
You have installed a dynamic disk from one computer into a Windows Server 2003 computer. How will Disk Management mark the newly installed drive?
as a foreign disk
Which user account is created and defined with commonly used settings and configurations and can facilitate more efficient account creation operations?
user account template