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The primary security boundary for Active Directory is the _, which contains
_ _.
domain trees
There can be _ _ _domain trees in a forest, though the first
domain is designated as the forest _ _.
one or more
root domain
Each forest has an _ _ group as well as a _ _group.
Enterprise Admins
Schema Admins
Members of Enterprise Admins and Schema Admins have
authority over _ _ _ _ in the forest.
all the domain trees
Each domain has a _ _ group, and administrators in a _ _ automatically have administrative permissions
to all child domains through automatic transitive trust relationships.
Domain Admins
parent domain
Active Directory is a _ _ database that replaced the _ structure
of Windows NT domains.
hierarchical structured
_ _ _ are used to allow Active Directory queries to _ domains.
Global catalog servers
There are _ operations masters roles. The Schema Master and Domain Naming
Master roles are _-_, while the PDC Emulator, Infrastructure Master, and
RID Master roles are _ _.
Sites are used to control the _ _ by defining whether resources in
Active Directory are connected by _ _ or _ _ links.
replication topology
The _ defines the _ of objects that are allowed in Active Directory, as
well as the _ the objects can have.
Each domain has a Domain Admins
group, and administrators in a parent domain automatically have administrative permissions
to all child domains through automatic _ _ _.
transitive trust relationships
Active directory structure is known as a _ structure, since there can be multiple
levels. This differs from the _ structure of Windows NT domains
With the amount of replication that takes place between domain controllers and the amount of querying of data that is done in Active Directory, it is important for computers
and services to have a way of identifying Active Directory resources that are located
on the same _ versus resources that are on a different LAN separated
by a wide area network _.
This is enabled by the use of _.
Sites contain Active Directory resources that are all connected
by _ _ _ _.
reliable high-speed bandwidth
membership is used in the logon process as a computer attempts to locate a domain_ _ in its own site first;
The schema is a definition
of the _ _ _that are allowed within a directory and the _ that
are associated with those objects.
types of objects
There are two types of definitions within the schema:_ and _, also
known as schema objects and metadata.
attributes and classes
Attributes are defined _ _, and then can
be applied to multiple classes as needed.
only once
The object classes, or _, are used to
define _
A class is simply a generic _ for objects. It is a collection of _, such asattributes
Logon Name and Home Directory for user accounts or Description and Network
Address for computer accounts.
Active Directory uses a special container known as an _ _ to organize
objects within a domain for the purpose of administration.
organizational unit
An OU is the _ _to which you can assign administrative rights.
smallest element
means that OUs can be used to _ _ and control within a domain; in
essence, OUs function as _ without the creation of additional domains.
delegate authority
The _ _ stores partial replicas of the directories
of other domains.
global catalog
The catalog is stored on _ _ that have been designated
as global catalog servers.
domain controllers
a global catalog is required for _ _
logging on to
the network.
The global catalog provides _ group membership information
for the user account that is attempting to log on to the network. If the global catalog
is _ _ during the logon attempt and the user account is_ to the local
domain, the user will only be allowed to log on to the _ _.
not available
local machine
The _ _is required only when a user
account or object needs to be authenticated by another _.
global catalog
The global catalog maintains a subset of the _ _ available within
every domain in the forest. This allows queries to be handled by the nearest _ _,
saving time and _.
directory information
global catalog
The global catalog is a _ _- database, unlike the normal Active Directory database.
Active Directory automatically creates a global catalog on the first _ _
within a forest.
domain controller
As the number of global catalog servers _, the response time to user inquiries_. However, the replication requirements within the environment _ as
the number of global catalog servers _.
Much of the replication within an Active Directory environment is _ _,
which means that the domain controllers are all peers.
multimaster replication
There are five
different operations master roles in Active Directory: _, _ , _, _, AND _.
Schema Master, Domain Naming
Master, Relative ID Master, PDC Emulator, and Infrastructure Master
The Schema Master
and Domain Naming Master roles function at the _ level and exist _ _in
a forest.
only once
The Relative ID Master, PDC Emulator, and Infrastructure Master roles function
at the _ level and exist in each _ _ _ _.
domain in the forest
The _ _ role controls all the updates and modifications to the schema
itself. The schema controls the _ of each _ in the directory and the
object’s associated _.
Schema Master
The _ _ _ role controls the addition or removal of domains from
the forest.
Domain Naming Master
The _ _ _role controls the sequence number for the domain
controllers within the domain.
Relative ID (RID) Master
The SID must be unique within
the domain and is generated by combining a_ _and a _.
domain SID
When the domain controller uses all the RIDs that the RID
Master has assigned, the domain controller receives _ _ _ _
from the RID Master
another sequence of RIDs
If the RID Master is unavailable and a domain controller
exhausts its pool, it will be _ _ _ _ _.
unable to create additional objects.
The _ _ _is used whenever a domain contains non–Active Directory
PDC Emulator role
The PDC Emulator Role acts as a _ _ _for legacy client operating systems, as
well as for Windows NT BDCs
Windows NT PDC
The _ _ role is responsible for maintaining all inter-domain object references.
Infrastructure Master
the Infrastructure Master informs certain objects
(such as _) that other objects (such as _ in another domain) have been
_, _, , or otherwise modified.
moved, changed
The _ _role is necessary only when there are multiple domains in the forest. If there is only a single domain, then all domain controllers
already know of the update, and this role is _
Infrastructure Master
By default, Active Directory assigns all five of these operations master roles to the _ _ _installed in a forest.
first domain controller