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One service for each instance of SQL Server 2000."
"SQL Server Agent service
"system-level information, including all other databases, login accounts, and system configuration settings.
Windows NT 4.0 Server with Service Pack5"
"Enterprise , Eval: 128, 64 supported
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, with SP5"
"all N/A except
One service, for all instances"
"Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services service
Windows 2000 Server"
"Enterprise , Standard, Eval, Developer, Personal and Desktop:
Windows 2000 Professional"
"Enterprise , Standard: N/A
Windows ME or 98"
"Enterprise, Standard: N/A
Desktop Engine only"
"95–270 MB depending on the installation options selected
Only network libraries for Windows ME and Windows 98?
TCP/IP sockets
Shared Components in Multiple Instances of SQL Server
"Client management tools and utilities (and their associated registry keys),
informational files generated by setup for troubleshooting?
Sqlstp.log, the Setup.log, and the SearchSetup.log
Default network libraries?
"TCP/IP sockets - primary
Network libraries for named instance?
TCP/IP sockets, named pipes, or NWLink IPX/SPX
three ways to create setup initialization files for SQL Server 2000 unattended installations
"Advanced Options page of setup program