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If DNS is not configured to allow dynamic updates, what needs to be configured manually?
SRV records for DC's
What is a replica?
any additional DC's within a domain
What is usually indicated by an "Access Denied" error when creating a DC?
an incorrect user account
What are res1.log and res2.log?
10Mb files used for low diskspace situations
What is edb.log?
a transaction log- it hold transactions before they are written to the database
What is edb.chk?
a checkpoint file- a pointer file that tracks transaction logs after they are written to the database
What is SYSVOL\Scripts shared as?
What five standard permissions can be applied to AD objects?
Full Control, Write, Read, Create All Child Objects, and Delete All Child Objects
What is a taskpad?
a simplified version of an MMC
What security feature applies to accounts created by CSVDE and LDIFDE?
they are disabled by default
What happens during an iterative DNS query?
if the DNS server has a record for the queried name, it is returned; otherwise a referral to another DNS server is returned
What happens during an offline defragmentation of the AD database?
NTDS.dit is defragmented and compressed, and placed in a new folder; it must be replaced over the original to take effect
What is a major difference between online and offline AD defragmentation?
online defragmentation does not reclaim unused space
What tool is used to move user and computer accounts between domains in a forest?
Ho do you avoid potential NetBIOS naming conflicts when creating 2000 domain names?
use domain names that differ within the first 15 characters
Can sites contain users and computers?
Sites can contain computers, but not users
What command-line tool is used to verify ACL inheritance and replication?
What three pieces of information are used when resolving replication conflicts, and in what order?
version number, originating time, and originating DSA
What does the high-watermark table store?
the GUID and last known USN of each replication partner
What does the up-to-date vector table store?
the USN of the last originating update from each DC on the network
What happens to NT trusts when DC's are upgraded to 2000?
they become transitive
What service is responsible for replicating the SYSVOL share?
the File Replication Service (FRS)
What two tools are used to verify trust relationships?
NETDOM and AD Domains and Trusts
What process automatically decides which DC's will be replication partners?
the Intersite Topology Generator
What is the maximum distance between replication partners?
three hops
What process ensures that a DC will not receive the same change multiple times?
propagation dampening, which checks USN's
Where are USN's stored?
in the up-to-date vector table
What is the default replication topology?
a bidirectional ring
What limitation do domains place on SMTP replication?
SMTP cannot replicate between DC's in the same domain
Which FSMO performs time synchronization within a domain?
The PDC Emulator
How is time synchronized between domains?
Each PDC Emulator synchronizes with the PDC Emulator in the root domain
Who is allowed to make changes to the schema?
Schema Admins only
What additional role must the Domain Naming Master take on, due to its need to be aware of all objects in the forest?
the Domain Naming Master must also be a Global Catalog
How does the RID Master assign SID's?
the RID Master assigns blocks of SID's to each DC, which requests another block when all SID's in the previous block have been assigned
What must be done to make the Schema snap-in available?
the schema dll must be registered by running REGSVR SCHMMGMT.DLL
What tool is used to change the garbage collection period?
How often does the KCC run?
every 15 minutes by default
What is the compression ratio for intersite traffic?
What component is required for SMTP intersite replication, but not for RPC?
a Certificate Authority
How does an Authoritative Restore ensure that its' object versions will be accepted?
100,000 is added to the Property Version of every object