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authorization of the DHCP servers _ _ DHCP servers from offering potentially _ IP addresses to clients
prevents unauthorized
Only DHCP servers running _ _ _ check for authorization. Other DHCP servers can still operate even though they are _ _.
Windows 2000 Server
not authorized
For DHCP authorization to work correctly, you must configure your network so that when the DHCP service _, it sends out a _ to the local broadcast address _.
When a _ is broadcast, other _ servers reply with _, which contain information about any Active Directory™ directory service _ _ identified by each DHCP server.
root domain
The server that is attempting to initialize the DHCP service then contacts a _ _ in each of the _ that it identifies.
domain controller
It queries Active Directory for a list of _ _ that are currently _ to operate on the network.
DHCP servers
If the DHCP server is not authorized, the DHCP service _ _ _ in the system log and _ all client requests.
logs an error
DHCP server broadcasts a DHCPINFORM message every _ minutes in an attempt to detect other DHCP servers on the network.
To authorize a DHCP server, you must be a member of the _ _ group.
Enterprise Admins
Authorization is not recognized between _
vWhat is the purpose of a DHCP informational message and when is it sent?
Used to determine authorization status, and is sent on startup, then at 5-minute intervals.
When the Windows 2000 DHCP service starts, it sends out a DHCP informational message (DHCPINFORM) and receives an acknowledgement (DHCPACK) from other DHCP servers. If the DHCP service logs an error in the system log, what might this error indicate?
The DHCP server is not authorized on the network.