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Human Resource Planning
IN: EEF, OPA, Resource Requirements

TOOLS: Positions, Organizational Theory, Networking

OUT: Staffing Management Plan, Role & Responsibility Matrix
Acquire Project Team
IN: Staffing Management Plan, Project Org Charts, Organizational Processes

TOOLS: Negotiations, Preassignment, Acquisition, Virtual Teams

OUT: Project Staff Assignments, Resource Availability
Develop Project Team
IN: Project Staff Assignments, Staffing Management Plan, Resource Availability

TOOLS: Teambuilding, General Management skills, Rewards, Co-location, Training

OUT: Team Performance Assessment
Manage Project Team
IN: Project Staff Assignments, Staffing Management Plan, Performance Information

TOOLS: Observation, Appraisal, Conflict Management, Issue Log

OUT: Changes, Corrective Action, Preventive Action, Updates
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
People are motivated to satisfy their needs of food/water first before they can move on to higher-level needs.
Herzberg's Theory of Motivation
Separates needs into 2 groups: hygeine and motivators.
McGregor's Theories X and Y
Theory X: people need constant supervision and without it, they avoid responsibility

Theory Y: assume people are motivated to achieve and will work hard if given their opportunity.