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primordial cells in female arrive to gonads and differentiate to what type of cell?
think "gonna" become an ovum
after becoming oogonia, the cells are arranged in clusters surrounded by a layer of flat epithelial cells known as?
follicular cells
oogonia transform into?
primary oocytes
what is fate of primary oocytes
most within the gonad die.
a few close to the surface survive
what is the fate of primary oocytes that have survived?
they enter into prophase I
primary oocyte + surrounding flat epitheleal cell is ka?
primordial follicle
at birth, what is the state of the female reproductive cells?
they are all in prophase I
they are known as primary oocytes here
and they are within the primordial follicle structure
what is diplotene stage?
the arrest of primary oocytes at prophase I
at puberty, primary oocytes are activated one after another until menopause. how many follicles are activated monthly
about 15-20
As the 15-20 folicles grow, what happens to epithelia around the cell?
it turns from simple flat to stratified cuboidal
what is the name of the stratified cuboidal epithelium?
granulosa cells
granulosa cells rest on a basement memb ka?
theca folliculi
the unit that is the primary oocyte within the stratified cuboidla epithelium is known as?
primary follice
oocytes and granulosa cells secrete a layer of glycoproteins on surface, this forms the?
zona pellucida
as follicle grows, what 2 cells form around?
1. theca interna - inner layer of secretory cells
2. theca externa - fibrous capsule
formation of fluid filled spaces b/w granulosa (pg 24)
full development of antrum now classifies cell as?
secondary follicle
mature secondary follicle triggers rise in what hormone?
LH induces?
preovulatory growth phase to finish Meiosis I
two cells form at end of meosis I
secondary oocyte and polar body
secondary oocyte enters meosis II. What happens next
arrest before ovulation
cell has how many hours to be fertilized before death?
less than 24 hours