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Roles of the cytoskeleton are _____, _____, and ______.
support, motility, and regulation.
Another role of the cytoskeleton is ______ _____ and give ______ _______.
mechanical support and give cellular shape.
Another role of the cytoskeletom is to provide anchorage for ______ and ______.
organells and enzymes.
Another role of the cytoskeleton is to be _____.
Teh cytoskeleton is dynamic w/ cell ______. This allows the cell to change location.
The cytodkeleton interact w/ ______ _______ along the extracellular fibers to create cell motility
motor protein
Motor Proteins bring about the movement of ______ and _________ by grippin microtubules w/in theos organellles and propelling them past each other.
cillia and flagella
Other examples of mvmnt of cell parts is vesicle transport via _______ and ___ ___ _____.
nuerotransmitter (chemical messenger) and ER to the golgi.
Another dynamic trait of the cytoskeleton is that it works to ________ and _______ mechanical stimuli for cellular response
receives and transmits
Copmponents of the cytoskeleton are _______, _______,______ _______.
microtubules, microfiliments, and intermediate filaments.
Microtubules are found inthe cytoplasm of all eukaryotic cells. They are ____ and ____.
thick and hollow.
The wall of the hollow tube is constructed from a globular rotein called ______.
tubulin protein.
Microtublules ____ and ____ the cell also serve as tracks along which organelles equipped w/ motor proteins can move.
shape and support
For example: Microtubules guide secreatory vesicle from the golgi apparatus to the plasma membrane. They are also resposible for the _______ of chromosomes during ______ division
separation of chromosomes during cell division.
In many cells, microtubules grow out from a _________, a region near the nucleus that is considered to be a "microtubule- organization center."
With in the cetrosomes of an animal cell are a pair of ________, each composed of nine sets of triplet microtubules arranged in a ring.
Another component of the cytoskeleton is _______ _______ responsiblities.
compression resistance
A cytoskeleton component is a specailized arrangement of fo microtubules is responsible for the beating of ______ and ____, locomotor appendagesthat protrudefrom some cells.
cillia and flagella
Example: sperm and cillia in the wind pipe of humans to move out mucus.
Cillia are in ___ + ___ patterns and are in some protozoa, windpipe, move ___ toward uterus.
move egg toward the uterus.
Flagella is in a ___+ ___ pattern and in some protozoa, ____.
Ex: basal body becomes centriole in ____ ____
9+2 pattern
human egg.
__________ (Actin Filaments) are solid rods the thinnest fiber of the cytoskeleton. They are built from globular protein ______.
Microfilaments are the core of _____ found in intestinal cells and nerve cells.
Microfilament are found in ______ cells as a part of the contractile apparatus
muscle *uses myosin a motor protein
The structural role of microfilaments in the cytoskeleton is to ____ _____ and give shape to the cell.
bear tension
Microfilament in localized contraction brought about actin myosin also plays a role in _____ mvmnt, in which the cell , such as an amoeba.
Microfilament also work in creating ________, the division of the cytoplasm. Which happens after mitosis in distribution of chromosomes during cell division.
__________ filaments are larger than microfilament but smaller than microtubules.
Intermediate filaments are specialized for ______ ______.
bearing tension.
Intermediate filaments are especially important in reinforcing the shape cf a cell and fixing position of certain organelles. Example is the _____, that commonly sits w/in a cage made of intermediate filaments.