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What is the easily recognizable constallation?
small bear(saptarishi = seven sages)
What planets have rings aound them?
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
Which planet has more number of moons? and how Many?
Saturn and 18
How far are we from Sun?

planets in the order of their distance
150 million kms

My Very Efficient Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets.
What new planet is discovered in 2003?
UB313 - Bigger abd farther than Pluto.
who is the famous austronomer from India?
Arya Bhatta
How far is moon from earth?
3,84,400 kms can round earth in 27 days
How long does it take for the light to reach earth?
8 mins @ 300,000 kmps(speed of light)
What are some of the human-made satellites from India
What is the largest asteroid in solar system?
ceres between mars and jupiter.
What planet is considered earth's twin?
While all planets and satellites spin in orbits in anti-clock wise, what planets spin in clock wise?
venus and Uranus