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Name the evergreen forest region of the north.
Boreal Forest
point on a mountain above which no trees can grow
Name the third largest continent.
North America
What is the world's largest gulf?
Gulf of Mexico
What is the record of what has happened to mankind?
Name the highest peak in North America.
Mt. McKinley
Jim Thorpe was known as _____.
one of America's greatest athletes
Will Rogers was known for ____.
being a great American story-teller
Sir Wilfred Grenfell became famous as _____.
an English missionary to the Canadian Inuits and nearby Indians.
What geographic region in the world contains North and South America?
the Western Hemisphere
What is the study of the earth?
What type of trees do not lose their leaves?
Name a hooded jacket made of different types of fur.
Which Central American Indians had one of the most advanced civilizations in the Western Hemisphere?
the Maya
Name the people who live in Greenland or the Canadian Arctic.
the Inuits