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Awe awe'
n-A feeling of fear or nervous wonder and respect
v-To fill with awe

Awesome,adj-Causing feelings of awe
Catastrophe ca'tas'tro'phe
n-Something that causes great loss or suffering; a terrible disaster
Collide col'lide
v-To come with great force

Collision, n-The act of colliding
Consequence con'se'quence
n-1.A result or outcome
Decieve de'ceeve
v-To cause to beleive something that is not true

Deceptive,adj-INtended or likely to decive or mislead

Deception,n-An act of deceiving
Fatality fa'tal'ity
n-A death resulting from an accident or a disaster
Improvise im'pro'vise
v-1.To compose or perform without preparation
2.To make do with whatever is on hand
Loom loom'
n-A machine or device for weaving cloth
v-1.To appear in a sudden and frighting way
2.To get frighteningly close
Lull lull'
v-To cause to relax
n-A temporary calm or quiet period
Placid pla'cid
adj-Calm and peaceful
Predicament pre'dic'a'ment
n-A difficult or trying situation
Priority pri'or'ity
n-The state or condition of being before another in importance or time
Reinforce re'in'fore
v-To increase or strengthen

Reinforcements,plural noun-Extra people such as soldiers or police sent to provide help
Stern stern'
n-The rear part of a boat
adj-Unpleasantly severe
Treacherous tre'cher'ous
adj-1.Not to be trusted
2.Actually dangerous while seeming to be safe