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Adapt a'dapt
v-1.To change to fit new conditions
2.To make changes in something to make it useful

Adaptation,n-1.A changing to fit new conditions
2.Something that is changed for something else
Whales were once land animals but adapted well to life in the ocean.
Deplete dee'pleete
v-To use up
Unless we are frugal, we weill deplete our savings by the end of March.
Efficient i'fish'ent
adj-Producing results without waste
Tube lights are more efficient than light bulbs.
Fatigue fa'teege
n-A feeling of tiredness from work or exercise
v-To make or become tired
Since my illness, even light work fatigues me.
Gait gate'
n-The way a person or animal moves on foot
A horse's gait may change as it goees from a walk to a trot.
Glare glare'
v-1.To shine with a strong, harsh light
2.To stare angrily at
n-1.A strong, blinding light
2.An angry stare

Glaring,adj-1.Shining with a harsh, brilliant light
2.Very obvious
The manager detected a glaring error in the figures.
Habitat ha'bi'tat
n-The place or type of place where a plant or animal is normally found
The habitatof the saguaro cactus is the desert of Southwest Arizona.
Oblivious ob'liv'vee'ous
adj-Not aware of

Oblivion,n-A state of forgetting or being forgotten
These tunes sank into the oblivion after the new Broadway show closed.
Outmoded out'mo'dead
adj-No longer needed or fashionable
The coming of the railroad made the stagecoach an outmoded way to travel.
Prominent prom'in'ent
adj-1.Projecting;standing out
2.Very easy to see;easily noticed
The accident victim was asked a prominent lawyer for advice.
Quench quench'
v-1.To put out;to extinguish
2.To satisfy with a liquid
Water quenches a thrist better than a sweetened soda drink.
Rigor riger'
n-1.A condition that makes life difficult
2.Strictness or severity

The police cheif enforced the law with rigor.
Sear seer'
v-1.To wither;to dry up
2.To burn the surface of with sudden heat
A long drought, as well as heat,can sear grass.
Transport tranz'port
v-To carry or move from one place to another
n-The act of carrying from one place to another
A large truck transports sets of costumes for the company touring with the play.
Wend wend'
v-To travel;to go on one's way
It took weeks to wend our way over the mountain pass.