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What event left Rome w/o a leader?
Julias Caesar's death
What event happened in 31 BC?
Antony and Octavian met in a sea war near Actium, Greece
Who was Rome's 1st emperor?
Augustus Caesar
What is the Pax Romana?
A Roman declaration of peace
Give an example of a law passed by the Romans?
A person is innocent until proven guilty
What was the purpose of the Roman road system?
It united the Roman people to the armies
What is a basilica
A marble gov't building
What was the name of Rome's largest arena?
The Colosseum
What is an aqueduct?
A system of bridges and canals that's used to carry water
What language became common throughout the Roman Empire?
Where was the birthplace of Democracy?
Ancient Greece
What is a democracy?
A gov't that's led by the people (right to vote, etc)
What do we mean by Republic?
It's a form of democracy, but you elect representatives to speak for you
Why was greece not a democracy in our sense of the word?
because it's a country where only 30% get to vote (an oligarchy)
A Natural Born Citizen -
born in the US
born on US property -military
bases, embassy, US ships
1 parent is American
Naturalized Citizen
- can't become president;
- live here for a certain amt of time
- know how to speak/write english
- take an oath
what is the difference between a passport and a visa/
passport - identifies you & your country

visa - allows you to go into another country
what is the most impt thing you should remember about Greece?
birthplace of democracy
who was Homer & what did he do?
Homer was a a blind poet who wrote the poems "the Illiot and the Odysee"
what is an epic poem?
it's a impt historical event for a culture written in poetic form
what is city state?
a city that acts like a country (acts like a govt)
what is Sparta and Athens known for
Sparta - military
Athens - culture, democratic government
what are Doric, Ionic, Corinthian?
Types of pillars
what was the relationship between the Greek Gods and the Greek people?
people were controlled by gods in good and bad ways but people always respected them
who was Alexander the Great and what did he accomplish?
he was the greatest military leader of Greece and conquered the "known world"
what was a pharaoh?
a pharaoh is an Egyptian king
what wre hieroglypics
hieroglypics are written records using symbols and drawings
what was papyrus
papyrus is a paperlike amterial the egyptians sometime wrote on
what were the purpose of pyramids
to preserve the dead bodies of pharoahs in a tomb (pharaohs and their family)
what is a mummy & how did they fit into the egyptian religion?
a mummy is a dead preserved body of a pharaoh kept in the pyramid in a tomb; their religion believed in reserving the body for afterlife
social pyramid of Egypt
- at top pharaohs-living god
- military, nobles, priest
controll land & temples
- craftworkers provide goods/services
- farmers provide food & build monuments
-slaves were prisoners of war
what was the rosetta stone
stone filled w/ heiroglypics that had both old & new heiroglypics but they determined what it said in greek
Greek culture
1 story houses;basic;mud bricks;ramarkable building Parthelon;small # statues;for gods not display;"potter" makes pottery;art on walls as wallpaper; drama between 600-200 BC; waers mask & costumes; masks for greek theater
Paraoh gets throne from: Pharaohs daughter, gets it, can't rule & has to marry.
then the groom gets it, if he gets killed, another man can marry the oldest daughter.
Iron Triangle
locked into your position
how to determine social classes and position
position (career) (religion)
vertical mobility - changing from a lower class-> higher one
a civil war between sity states
Sparta & Athens
Athens won 3 out of 5
Sparta won 2 out of 5
how many legionaries made up the Roman army
134,000 legionaries
what protective itmes did the legionaries wear
woolen tunic, plumed iron helmet, gladius, iron trimmer shield, leather sandals, hobnailed soles & pilum
what weapons did Roman soldier carry
gladius, pilum