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What are mosaics?
They are pictures formed by putting fragments of colored glass and stone together.
What is Orthodox?
What are icons?
Holy pictures of Jesus and the saints
What are patriarchs?
Byzantine Church leaders
Who was Theodora? What did she do?
Theodora was the wife of Justinian and she worked for equal rights for women.
What is the Bubonic Plague? Numonic Plague?
Bubonic-"Black Death"-kills you
Numonic-Doesn't kill you
What is an example of a successful failure?
Brought back culture, spices, and silk
What does Renaissance mean?
Re-birth. it was the re-birth of Greek styles.
What's a patron?
Someone who pays an artist todo something for them.
What 6 fields were influenced by the Renaissance?
4-Literature, theater, and exploration
What are some examples of Leonardo de Vinci's paintings?
Mona Lisa
Last Supper
What is the difference between the Northern and Southern Renaissance?
What subject-everyday life (rich and poor)
Patrons-upper class-Interest to share life as it is
Patrons-to win favor with god
What subject-Religion
What did the Mona Lisa introduce? The Last Supper?
Mona Lisa-perspective
Last Supper-symetrical
When was the Magna Carta signed? By who? What does it mean?
A-It was signed in 1215
B-King John was forced to sign it
C-It means "great charter"
Who signed the Petition of Rights?
Charles I
What was the name for the House of Lords (upper class) and the House of Commons (lower class)?
What was John Locke for?
Natural rights
What's excommunication?
It means that if you didn't communicate once a year, you don't get sent to heaven.
What are indulgences?
The churche's major corruption. They were a ticket to heaven.
What are the changes in the Catholic church?
What did Martin Luther write that bothered the church?

The 95 Thesis
How many of the 95 Thesis will be changed?
94 of them
Why did the Christian Church divide?
Because some people beleived that icons were just something people liked to look at when praying at home, others thought it would be worshipping the idols.
What's a minaret?
Towers on a mosque from which come five bells to indicate the times to pray.