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What is a revolution?
A fast change
How is a revolution different from a evolution?
An evolution is a slow change and a revolution is a fast change.
What country did the D of I (Declaration of Independance)?
What was the reaon for the D of I?
At what country was the D of I directed at?
Great Britain
Who wrote the D of I?
Thomas Jefferson-author
What were the 3 main concepts of the D of I?
Freedom, Democracy, and Independance
What 2 British documents served as an inspiration for the D of I?
Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights
What characterized the period known as the Enlightment?
A period of time to protect individuals through/from the govt.
*Age of Reason*
What did the following men do?
John Locke
Baron de Montesquie
Jen-Jaques Rousseau
John Locke-British-Natural Rights:Life, Liberty, and Property
Montesquie-French-3 Branch govt.-Executive,Judicial, and Legislature
Rousseau-When Social Contract breaks down:
a.Talk to fix problem
b.Use force
2.Writing-Theory of Revolution
What role did George Washington play in the Revolution?
General of Colonial Forces
What's a confederation? Federation?
C-states have more power than the govt.
F-govt. has more power than the states
Why were the people upset with King Louis the 16th?
He was overtaxing the people
Who were the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd estates?
3-Common people
Everyone else
What is bloc voting? Why was it unfair?
Bloc voting was voting as a group. It was unfair because even though common people had a greater amount of people when voting, the 1st and 2nd estates still won
Who are the bourgeois?
Rich people without a royal title
What is The Reign of Terror?
A period of time where people got other people to do what they wanted done by scaring them
Who was Napolean? What is he known for?
Napolean was a famous military leader and the Emperor of France. He brought out war tactics again and always had the will of the French people in mind
What was the Napoleonic Code?
An almost complete set of fair laws that established saftey for Europe. It's only unfair law was that you are guilty until proven innocent
What does "Scortched Earth?"
To BURN things
What is the Industrial Revolution?
A change from handbuilding to machine-made
When did it start? End?
End-Still going on
Why is it misnamed?
Because it is an evolution. It's still going on
Explain Crop Rotation.
1st time-Fallow
2nd time-All crop fields
3rd Time-fertilizer
Explain Scientific Animal Breeding.
Where the extra crops were used to feed livestock so it would grow bigger and the family would have more to eat
Explain The "Enclosure Act."
It's where the Entrepreneur closes the fields and forces the workers to work in a factory
What are the 3 main things a factory needs?
2.Raw materials
What industry introduced machines for the 1st time?
(Hint:They started the Industrial Revolution)
Who is an entrepreneur?
A person who takes a financial risk by providing money to start a business
Explain the Cottage System, The Domestic System, and Factory System.
Cottage system-everything you need at home
Domestic system-Manufactorer gets raw materials form a farmer, then gives it to the spinners, then to the weavers, then gives it to the storekeeper to sell
Factory system-Everything you need in a factory