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a company that controls an entire industry
A large business that is owned by investors
investors who own a share of the company
Labor union
organization of workers / fight for better pay and working conditions
workers refuse to work until demands are met
Thomas Edison
Inventor of light bulb 1879, phonograph, thousands of inventions
Alexander Graham bell
teacher of the deaf
inventor of the telephone
Lewis Latimer
inventor of the wire filament for light bulbs
Elijah McCoy
inventor of the oil cup called the "Real McCoy"
Andrew Carnegie
Built steel mills,very rich, helped others by building parks, universities,hospitals,libraries, concert halls, museums
John D. Rockfeller
Built Standard oil company
a monopoly
Mary Harris Jones
Famous labor unnion leader against child labor

Mother Jones
Samual Gompers
founded AFL (American Federation of Labor)
Menlo Park
research lab where Edison made inventions
Pennsylvania city known for its steel mills