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Study of all the interactions among organisms and their environment
Any nonliving part of the environment, such as water, sunlight, temperature and air
Abiotic factor
Any living or once-living organism in the environment
Biotic factor
All the members of one species that live in the space at the same time
All of the populations of different species in a given area that interact in some way and depend on one another for food, shelter and other needs
All of the communities in a given area and the abiotic factors that affect them
Part of Earth that supports life -- the top part of Earth's crust, all the waters covering the Earth's surface and the surrounding atmosphere; includes all biomes, ecosystems, communities and populations
Number of indiciduals in a population that occupies a definite area
Population Density
Any biotic or abiotic factor that limits the number of individuals in a population
Limiting factor
Any close interaction among two or more different species, including mutualism, commensualism and parasitism
Role of an organism in the ecosystem including what it eats, how it interacts with other organisms, and how it gets food
Place where an organism lives