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A meeting was held in Philadelphia to discuss what could be to make our government stronger
Constitutional Convention
The man who did the most important work at this convention and later became the fourth President of the United States
James Madison
A body or organization set up to rule the people of a certain area.
Civil government
A government ruled by a king or queen. They usually inherit their authority from their family, and they usually rule until they die.
The ruler's power is limited by a constitution, and power is usually shared with an assembly that represents the people.
Constituional monarchy
A form of govenment ruled by a person who has absolute authority and who has come to power by the aid of friends or force rather than by inheritance.
A government in which the people elect officials to represent them is called.
A government in which the people hold the ruling power.
Comes from two Greek words that mean people and rule.
A form of government in which the people and their elected representatives are limited by constitution.
Constitutional republic
The head of our government, who would have executive power,the power to see that the laws were obeyed.
Made up of two groups called houses would have legislative power, the power to make our country's national laws.
A Congress
One house, would include two _______ from each state. The other house, would also include representatives from each state.
Senate & House of Representatives
3Branches of Government:
1)Makes laws
2)Enforces laws
3)Interprets laws.
The highest court in the land, which would have judicial power, the power to interpret the Constitution.
Supreme Court
The first plan of government that the states agreed upon. The plan was adopted before American independence had been won. No power to tax.
Articles of Confederation