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the solid, rocky layer of the Earth
an opening in the Earth's crust
convection currents
a path along which heat energy is transferred
fault-block mountain
a mountain formed when masses of rock move up or down
divergent boundary
a boundary where plates move away from each other
the layer of Earth below the lithosphere
transform-fault boundary
a boundary where plates slide past each other
convergent boundary
a boundary where plates collide
dome mountain
a mountain formed when magma lifts the Earth's surface
folded mountain
a mountain formed when two plates collide
a crest
the high top of horizontally folded land; ALSO: the top of a wave, the top of a mountain, the pinnacle, the zenith, the apex, the summit
a trough
the low depression in horizontally folded land; ALSO, a long, horizontal ditch; a long, horizontal valley, a long horizontal depression