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When must requests be submitted to NAVMEDLOGCOM for extension of military unique medical items?
18 months before end of estimated storage life.
What condition code is used for material stroed in the Naval Stock Account?
Can extedned material be returned to the Defense Logistics Agency depot system for redistribution or credit?
How many type I or II potency dated products, other than military unique medical items have their shelf-life extended?
If tested and approved by the FDA as part of the DOD-FDA Shelf-life Extension Program.
What is the criteria to forward nominations to NAVMEDLOGCOM for medical material to teh tested for Shelf-life extension?
Must be within 18 months of expiration and value must be $1000 or more per NSN
May items in a suspended state (being tested for extension) be used?
Yes, only in emergency situations
Samples of material must remain accessible for testing and when requested, must be shipped within how many days?
14 days
What information must be included for nomination for extension testing?
(a) NSN (b) Nomenclature
(c) Manufacturer
(d)Lot number (e)original expiration date (f) quanity (g) Total dollar value
(h)UIC where stored
(i)Storage site description description (j) min and max (k) Min and max storage himidity