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(no) estar de acuerdo
to (not) agree
?Que *e* tal esta(n) *a*?
How is/are ...
un poco
a little (bit)
I would like...
un poco salado / salada
a little salty
!Que *e* ricas estan *a* las...!
They are really good
?Que *e* tal si pruebas?
How about trying...?
?Que *e* desea usted?
What would you (formal) like?
Para tomar, quiero...
To drink, i want...
?Desea Ud. algo de postre?
Would you like something for dessert?
?Algo mas *a*?
Anything else?
?Nos trae la cuenta, por favor?
Would you bring the check to us, please?
la salsa picante
hot sauce
la sopa de veduras
vegtable soup
el jugo de naranja
orange juice
un sandwich *a* de jamon *o* con queso
a cheese and ham sandwich
un sandwich *a* de atun *u*
a tuna sandwich
No me gusta.
I don't like it.
Me encantan.
I love them.
? Que *e* prefieres pedir de almuerzo?
What would you prefer to order for lunch?
la ensalada de frutas
a fruit salad