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What makes the lumbar susceptible to injury?
carrying vertical loads & narrow posterior longitudinal ligament
With L4 intervertebral disc herniation what nerve roots are affected?
L5 nerve root
Where does the spinal cord end?
L1-L2 (do lumbar puncture L3-L5)
What is the primary flexor of the lumbar?
illacus (illiopsoas maintains the lumbosacral angle)
What is the normal range for the lumbosacral angle (ie Ferguson's angle)?
25-35 degrees
ferguson angle: formed two lines 1. horizontal line through ASIS and line of inclination (line thru PSIS and ASIS)
What does a big ferguson's angle imply?
Lordosis, big butt, FLEXED sacrum
What does a small ferguson's angle imply?
Little/flat butt, EXTENDED sacrum, risk for degenerative disk disease (make osteophytes)
What are the four types of spina bifida?
occulta (nothing), meningocele (CNS), myelomeningocele (CNS, nerve roots), and rachischisis (open spine)
**meningocele and myelomeningocele-->cystica
What is the primary motion of the lumbar spine?
Flexion or Extension > Sidebending > Rotation
How does SB and rotation of L5 affect thee sacrum?
Sidebending of L5-->ipsilateral sacral oblique axis. Rotation of L5-->rotate in opposite direction
What puts someone at risk for a herniated nucleus pulposus?
overweight, carrying heavy objects with flexion
What kind of pain is associated with herniated nucleus pulposus?
sharp, intense pain
What kind of pain is assoc with Cada Equina syndrome?
sharp pain, no sensation in SADDLE area
What is spondylo-lysis?
fracture of the pars interarticularis, chronic achy back pain (takes yrs to develop)
What kind of pain is associated with spondylo-lysis?
achy low back pain L4-L5 area ("slippage")
What kind of pain is associated with spondylolis-thesis?
achy low back pain, worse with exercise
What are the 5 kinds of spondylolis-thesis?
Type 1--Dysplastic (congenital), Type 2--Isthmic (pathology of the Pars, subtypes A and C, broken pars), Type 3--Degenerative (chronic instability, +50 yo), Type 4--Traumatic Type 5--Pathologic (bone dz)
What are the three subtypes of type 2 isthmic sponylolisthesis?
A: fracture of PARS <50 yo, B: intact elongated pars-->weekend warriors C: trauma, acute
What is anylosis?
abnormal immobility of the joint, bony fusion caused by ostephytes
What are S/S of osteoarthrosis?
degenerative joint dz, chronic achy focal pain, exacerbated by rest, relieved by non weight bearing or non jarring movement
What is the MC common congenital anomaly in the lumbar region which is an assymtreical joint facet?
zygopophyseal tropism (followed by sacralization)