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The first part of the writing convents that
Letter formation (cursive/non-cursive)
First step provides physical and cognitive abilites.
The second stage in writing conventions
word formation (morphology of nouns,verbs, adverbs, adjectives
morphology o nouns
The third stage of development of writing conventions
Sentence Construction (syntax)
4th stage of writing conventions.
Spelling(decodable or irregular words)
5th stage of writing convections
punctuation (rules)
6th stage of conventions of reading development
Grammatical expressions-sematics
What do strategies do?
Each use sequences to teach writing conventions, for all students.
Strategies and Sequences
Informal and formal
Assessment of writing conventions
Analyze errors
in writing convention to inform instruction
Writing conv. and grammer
require direct instruction and guide practice
requires two componentws
What are the 4 stages of spelling?
Pre-phonetic, phonetic, transitional. and conventional
4 principles of spelling
As a teacher I must understand that a relationship between spelling, phonological and ?
alphabete awareness
a three tier relationship
Spelling Instruction 7 points
Promotes, vocab growth, develops word knowledge, should be taught explicitl before all content-area instruction, included phonetic and non-phon awareness, accelerates conventional spelling and reveals what the student already knows
the 7 points of spelling insturction
What does writing in real life stories do for the student
Also it makes in a meanful written expression, that uses spelling expressions.
Real-life situations and spelling
The four stratgies of context lesson develepoed for writing construction
Proof-reading activities
Literacy centers
Tech softwoare & productivity toos
Word study acivities.
4 components of written language strategies