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1.) Yang Diseases
1.) Body's energy stronger than pathogen
2.) Contraction + Constriction of Pores
2.) Strong
3.) Circulation of Blood to Surface
3.) Constricted = Aversion to cold
4.) Defensive Energy
4.) Engages at surface = Fever + Body Ache
5.) Eliminative Fx restrained
5.) Constipation, decreased urination
Feeling of tension
Tai Yang Disease (S/s)
Pathogen at surface

S/s: H.A., stiff neck, chills, superficial pulse
Tai Yang Disease Cont (Tx)
Pathogen must be expelled w/in 3 days

Tx: Diaphoresis (sweat)
Shao Yang (S/s)
Partly Superficial, Partly Interior

S/s: Digestion, lung probs, nausea, altern. chills/fever, dizzy, dry throat, hearing impaired rapid pulse
Shao Yang Cont (Tx)
Tx: harmonize

*Must resolve in 1=2 weeks or will go deeper
Yang Ming (S/s)
S/s: Full dislike of heat, rapid pulse, very thirsty, irritable, Acute Abdom Disorders
Yang Ming Cont (Tx)
Tx: Purgatives = Break up congestion, release heat, relieve tension
Yin Diseases
Pathogen has greater energy than body
Yin Diseases Cont
Focus on tonification,

Body unable to constrict in response to cold,

Pores open w/out control, esp at night = night sweats
Yin Diseases Cont
Blood circulation irreg. = Chills / Fever

Freq. urination, diarrhea, clear/watery discharge from sinuses, pale, chilled Wei Qi diminished, Nutrit. Qi eroding
Tai Yin
Diminished Nutritive Qi = Spleen Weakness
Tai Yin Cont (S/s)
S/s: Diarrhea, abdom. pain, decreased appetite
Tai Yin Cont (Tx)
Tx: Strengthen Nutrit. Qi, build Wei Qi
* May take weeks
Shao Yin
Deeper Penetration of Chills = Kidney weakness
Shao Yin Cont (S/s)
S/s: Severe chills, decreased energy, freq urination, weak voice
Shao Yin Cont (Tx)
Tx: Warming Herbs = Stimulate metabolism
Jue Yin
Most Serious = Organ systems depleted
*Severe imbalance of yin/yang
Jue Yin Cont (S/s)
S/s: Hair loss, poor memory, insomnia, night sweats
Jue Yin Cont (Tx)
Tx: Strengthen Qi = Tonify yang to prevent collapse

*astringent to prevent further leakage
4 Stages
Wei, Qi, Xing, Xue
Wei Level

Attack of Ht, SH, Dry
Wei Cont (S/s)
S/s: Fever, mild chills, sweat, thirst, HA, sore throat
T: pink, SL yellow coat
P:Rapid, superf.
Wei Cont (Tx)
Tx: Diaphoretics, cool herbs
Qi Level
Heat penetrates deeper
Qi Level Cont (S/s)
S/s: higher fever, Xs thirst, Xs sweat, constipation, Abdom pain, Aversion to Ht, red face, cough yellow sputum
T: Red, yellow coat
P: full, strong, rapid
Organs invaded by Ht: LU, St, LI
Part Int/Ext
Qi Level Cont (Tx)
Tx: surface/Interior
Ying Level
Heat not controlled, Affects PC/spirit
Def yin
Ying Cont (S/s)
S/s: Fever (afternoon/even), insomnia, skin petichiae, burning, itching,rash red eye, thirst, spont. bleeding, delerium
T:Dry, red
P: rapid, thready
Ying Cont (Tx)
Tx: detoxify herbs, yin tonics
Xue Level
Most serious
Blood driven out of vessels by Ht
Invades HT/spirit, creates LU wind
Xue Cont (S/s)
S/s: High fever, delerium, insomnia, mania, coma, bleeding, hemoptysis, bloody stools, tremors
T: dark red, prickles, brwn/burnt
P: thready, rapid
Xue Cont (Tx)
Tx: calm HT/spirit, Cooling/Tonifying/Sedative herbs
Problems With 6 stages/4 levels
Patient doesn't always present classic pattern

Pt already progressed past early stages

Already tried other drugs, diet etc = unusual patterns

Use structure but not too rigid