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What does tai Yang govern?
What does Tai Yang connect?
Governs the skin/exterior of the entire body to protect against xternal evils

It connects the ying and wei
WC exterior XU pattern is ___
WC exterior XS pattern is ___

both are ______ syndromes
xu- Tai Yang Zhong Feng Wind Strike (sweating)

xs- Tai Yang Shang Han Cold Damage (NO sweat)

Both are Tai Yang Jing Syndromes
what is the tx for tai yang zhong feng

what is the tx for tai yang shang han
xu: resolve the muscle layer, harmonize ying/wei, stop sweat

xs: induce sweat, release xterior, open LU QI, calm wheezing
What is the primary cause for Tai Yang Fu syndrome?
WC + interior water and damp accumulation in the UB blocks the qi transformation in the UB
you px has fever and chills, no sweat, and has trouble releasing urine, he is thirsty but vomits immediately after drinking. His tongue has a white coat and his pulse is superficial

what is the diagnosis and tx?
Tai Yang FU - WC + Damp obstructing qi tranformation of the UB

transform and unblock UB, transform fluids by promoting urination and resolving the exterior
You px complains of fever and chills with a dry mouth and HA, and no sweating. His pulse is superficial, tight, and forceful, and his tongue is red with a thin what coat

what is the diagnosis and tx?
xterior xs (shang han) complicated with interior xs heat

release xterior WC, clear interior contrained heat
xterior xs cold with congested fluids is caused by a deficiency of which organs?

will your px have sweat?
LU and SP

NO Sweat
your px has fever and chills, HA, and is coughing copius white phlgm, she has some edema and retching
her tongue ahs a white coat while her pulse is superficial and tight

what is the diagnosis?
xterior xs cold with congested fluids
your px has a fever with a cough, SOB, constipaton and is sweating. his pulse is rapid and slippery, and the tongue is red and dry with a dry yellow coat

what is the diagnosis and tx?
LU Heat/Wheezing/Cough pattern

clear constrained heat, moisten LU, facilitate flow of lung qi
What causes LU heat Pattern?
tai yang moving interior therefore no more fever/chills
Complex Dysentery Pattern is a combination of which stages?
Tai Yang + Yang Ming
Heat entering LI causing diarrhea and dysentery
you px has a fever, diarrhea w a foul smell and burning sensation. he is also wheezing, sweating and is thirsty
his tongue is yellow and greasy and his pulse is slippery and rapid

what is the diagnosis and tx?
Complex Dysentery Pattern (Tai Yang + Yang Ming)

Release xterior, clear eat, stop diarrhea
a rushing sensation up the chest along with a bland taste, dizzy, SOB, palpitations, and hypochondriac/chest pain with a deep/tight pulse are caused by ____

what is the dx and tx?
SP Xu causing congested fluid pattern
tai yang caused by SP yang xu and water retention in the MJ

Tonify SP (Yang) and transform fluids
chest oppression that is only sl painful upon palpation combines with yellow viscous sputum, constipation and a bitter taste are s/s of _____
what is the tx
what is the cause?
Minor chest bind
caused by xterior moving interior in UJ/MJ. it is combined with phlgm and forms clumping

clear heat and transform phlgm
heat and internal water accumulation blocking the flow of chest qi due to an exterior moving interior is the cuase of _____

what is the tx ?
Major chest bind

drain heat, transform phlgm, remove stagnation
hardness and fullness below the heart with pain in the chest and ribside that is worse with pressure along with a tidal fever, tight/deep/forceless pulse and a thick yellow dry tongue

what is the diagnosis?
major chest bind
inducing sweat with a tai yang xu moving interior causes ____
heat glomus
full/hardness below that heat that feel soft and painless with a rapid pulse and yellow tongue coat is the s/s of ____

what is the tx?
Heat Glomus

drain heat, remove stag
what causes mixed heat/cold glomus?
heat glomus + underlying SP/ST xu
epigastric focal distention with sl pain upon pressure combined with vomit, borborygmus, and diarrhea with no appetite and a wiry/rapid pulse and thin/yellow greasy tongue are s/s of ____

what is the tx?
Heat/Cold Glomus

Harmonize MJ, descend ST Qi, disperse Stag
these chnnl disorders occur when a pathonic factor is trapped between the interior and xterior. qi is stagnated and tuns into fire and often invades the ST

what stage is involved and what is the primary organ affected
Shao Yang GB
sl fever and sl aversion to cold with sweating, bitter taste , and epigastric distention, along with a wiry/superficial pulse and thin white tongue coat are s/s of ___
what is the tx?
SHao Yang combo with Tai Yang

release xterior, harmonize/resolve shao yang
Alternating chills/fever with constipation or diarrhea and dark urine, a wiry/forceful pulse, and thick dry coat are s/s of ____
what is the tx?
Shao Yang combo with Yang Ming

Harmonize/release shao yang, purge interior xs heat
which type of disorder is related to the 4 bigs?

what is the tx?
Yang Ming Jing

Clear Heat, Generate Fluids (cool acrid herbs)

(MJ Yang Ming warm disease in SJ Theory & Qi Aspect in 4 levels Theory)
Yang Ming Fu is primarily characterized by ______

what is the tx?
constipation with sl distention/full, iritability, thirst

drain purse clumped heat downwards, harmonize ST Qi
Your px has tidal fever with sweat, ab fullness/pain, constipation with elimination of watery fluids, and is slightly delerious
his pulse is slippery and rapid
his tongue is thick yellow dry coat

what is the dx and tx?
Opprssn/Glomus and Fullness pattern

Yang ming internal heat mildly scorching/drying fluids

moderately purge/drain heat, free bowel, break stangation
your px has Tidal fever with sweaty hands and feet, hard and painful ab especially around umbilicus that is aggravated by pressure. He is constipated and sometimes has dark green watery diarhea, no appetite and is very irritable.
his tongue is dark/cracked/burnt with prickles
his pulse is deep/slow/forceful

what is the dx and tx?
Opprssn/Fullness/Dryness Severe XS Pattern (Yang mIng)

vigorously purge xs heat and accumulation
Whole body jaundice w bright yellow skin and sclera, and sweat only on the head are characteristics of ____

what is the tx?
DH Jaundice

clear heat, drain damp
this is the first stage in which the body's ability to resist disease is diminished
tai yin
Tai yin disorders are usually due to what kind of underlying/constitutional pathology?
SP Yang Xu
SP Yang Xu + Cold Damp = ___
Tai Yin Xu Cold
your px has ab pain that is better with warmth. She is also spitting copious clear saliva. Her pulse is weak/moderate, deep and thready and her tongue is pale with white coating

what is the dx and tx?
Tai Yin xu cold

warm mj, disperse cold, tonify SP, dry damp
fever and chills with dull ab pain that is better with pressure and warmth, with cold extremeties, a Superficial/moderate/weak pulse and a pale tongue is characteristic of ____
what is the tx?
Tai Yin combined with Tai Yang

warm mj, release the exterior
SP Yang xu + DC + Qi Stag = ___
DC Jaundice SYndrome (Yin Jaundice)
you px hasa dark dusky yellow complexion with yellow eyes, feels cold and has epigastric and ab distention and loose stools. His pulse is deep and slow. His tongue is pale with a white greasy coat

what is the dx and tx?
DC Jaundice Syndrome

Warm MJ dispel cold, eliminate damp, reduce jaundice
Shao Yin disorders cause injury to which organs?
yang qi is debilitated and blood is deficient
at this stage
yang xu -> xs yin
yin xu ->fire

___ is debilited and __ is deficient
shao yin

yang qi is debilitated and blood is deficient
a person that feels cold and has cold extremities is lying down in a curled position and has diarrhea with undigested food and clear copious urination. Their pulse is deep, thready and faint and the tongue is pale with a white coat

what is the dx and tx?
yang xu with vigorous yin
(shao yin)

restore yang, eliminate cold
Yin xs repelling yang is also known as ...

what is the cause?
shao yin: yin xs repelling yang

caused by severe HT and KD Yang xu with internal cold
your px has diarrhea with undigested food, freezing cold extremeties, and has a red face that moves. He is sweating and has no aversion to cold
his pulse is very faint almost undetectable and his tongue is white and wet coat

what is the dx and tx?
Yin xs Repelling yang - true cold false heat

restore yang, rescue devastation unblock exterior and interior
which 6 stage is responsible for bi syndromes due to DC and yang xu?
shao yin - yang xu causing body ache
aversion to cold with body aches and joint pain with cold extremeties, deep pulse, and pale moist tongue are s/s of ___

what is the tx?
Yang xu causing body ache

warm the channels, support yang, eliminate damp, alleviate pain
SP and KD Yang xu causing failure of LJ water transformation resulting in edema and intimidates the HT
is related to which 6 stage pattern?
Shao YIn: Yang Xu causing water retention syndrome
a px with palpitations, tremors with falling, ab pain, and heavy limbs with edema of the limbs, a deep pulse and white moist coat are s/s of ___
what is the tx?
yang xu causing water retention

warm yang promote urination
Your px is irritable with insomnia and a dry mouth/throat and nite sweats
her pulse is deep,thready, and rapid. her tongue is scarlet red with a red tip and scanty coat

what 6 stage pathology is this
what is the cause
what is the tx?
SHao Yin Heat Pattern
constitutional yin xu -> fire

nourish yin, clear heat
you px has fever and chills but no sweating, a stiff neck, weak voice, and is always sleepy, and has cold extremities
her pulse is deep
and her tongue is pale with a thin white moist coat

what is the dx and tx?
shao yin with tai yang

warm yang, release xterior
what organs are affected by Jue Yin chnnl disorders?
what causes them?
how do these disorders manifest?
yang -> evil fire -> antipathogentic qi becomes exhausted and yin and yang balance is lost
Heat above Cold Below
in which 6 stage is antipathogenic qi exhausted and yin/yang balance is lost
jue yin chnnle disorder
heat above, cold below =
true cold false heat =
Jue yin
shao yin
Heat in the LV GB with xu cold in the ST/Intestine is aka ___

what are the s/s?
Jue Yin: mixed cold and heat pattern

wasting thirsting, qi rising into chest, hot sensation in chest, hunger w/o desire, cold limbs, diarrhea, vomit after eating
your pax exhibits wasting adn thirsting, and may potentially have roundworms. Their chest feels painful and hot, and their limbs are cold

what is the dx and tx?
mixed heat/cold pattern (tai Yang)

dispel cold clear heat, calm round worms, alleviate pain
Alternating heat and cold pattern belongs to which 6 stage?

if alternation is the same it indicates ____

if heat > cold it indicates ____
jue yin

heat=cold -> healing
heat>cold-> righteous qi is prevailing
if alternating heat/cold pattern has a good prognosis and seems to be on the road to recovery
what is the tx?
clear interior heat
your px has alternating heat/cold pattern but has cold>heat

what does this indicate and what is the tx?
disease is advancing/righteous qi is not prevailing

support yang and suppress yin
if upon treating alternating heat/cold pattern your px has

heat that relapses into cold indicating ____
cold without heat indicates _____
relapse -> recovery of yang is not complete

cold without heat -> disease is critical there is an xs of yin and yang xu
when treating an alternating heat/cold pattern your px has less cold but an xs of heat causing sore throat and bloody/pus stool

what is this an indication of?
what is the tx?
disease has transformed into heat

clear heat, cool blood, resolve toxins