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Quality Assurance
Monitors the process to ensure we are following the quality management plan. It includes quality audits and process analysis and is part of the executing process group.
Quality Control
Inspects the product of the project to ensure it conforms to standards and requirements. Quality control uses inspection, sampling, control charts, and trend analysis, to name a few, as its tools and techniques. It is part of the controlling and monitoring process group.
Cost of Quality
Occurs in Quality Planning and we need to minimize this.

Includes Cost of non-compliance (reworking things that are not functioning as they should, resolving customer complaints, etc.)


Cost of compliance (training employees to do better work, improving operations to get better quality, etc.)
Examine the interrelationship between steps in the process to identify potential problems.
Fishbone diagram (Ishikawa diagrams)
Relationship between effects and their causes.
Design of Experiments
Test the impact of altering variables when making changes to increasing quality can be extremely expensive.
Control Charts
Tool for Quality Control.

Analyzes a measure of dispersion in results of a quality process to show the mean and when that process falls outside the mean.
Quality Audit
Used in Quality Assurance

Tests the data provided by the Quality Control process.
Compare your project to others to see how it measures up.
Pareto chart
80% of problems come from 20% of issues. These charts isolates this pattern and these issues.