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What invests the Spinal Cord?
All 3 meningeal layers - Dura mater, Arachnoid mater, and Pia mater
What is the Spinal cord derived from?
Embryonic neural tube
What supplies the spinal cord with blood? (2 sources)
-Anterior/Posterior spinal arteries
-Radicular aa from segmental vessels
Spinal arteries are from:
Vertebrals (subclavian)
Upper/lower borders of the SC:
Upper: medulla at level of foramen magnum
Lower: vertebral level L1
2 Enlargments:
What is Conus medullaris?
Cone-shaped termination of the sacral spinal cord
Where is Conus medullaris located?
Between L1 and L2 vertebrae
What is Filum terminale?
Condensation of PIA MATER
Where is Filum terminale located?
Extends from Conus medullaris to the coccygeal ligament
What is Cauda equina?
Lumbosacral roots of the SC that surround filum terminale.
How many pairs of spinal nerves
How spinal nerves exit the vertebral canal:
intervertebral foramina
which spinal nerves do not innervate a dermatome?
General functions of the SC:
-Relay sensory info from DRG to Brainstem, cerebellum, Thalamus
-Send motor commands out
2 types of motor neurons in SC

What do alpha motorneurons innervate?
extrafusal muscles
What do gamma motor neurons innervate?
intrafusal muscles
At what SC levels are the cells for preganglionic sympathetic fibers?
T1 - L2/L3
What is the site within the SC where these sympathetic preganglionics are housed? Where do they synapse?
Intermediolateral cell column - synpase at paravertebral and prevertebral ganglia.
Where are the parasympathetic neurons housed in the SC?
Where do the preganglionic parasymp neurons from S2-S4 synapse?
Pelvic viscera ganglia
What is in white matter?
Axons + Glia
What is in gray matter?
Neuron cell bodies + Glia
What is in the central canal?
3 Divisions of SC White matter:
1. Posterior funiculus
2. Lateral funiculus
3. Anterior funiculus
What axons are in the posterior funiculus?
Ascending somatosensory fibers - Fasciculus cuneatus + gracilis
What axons are in the lateral funiculus?
Ascending + Descending tracts
What is in the Anterior funiculus?
Also both asc/desc tracts
3 divisions of Gray matter in the SC:
-Ventral horn
-Lateral horn
-Dorsal horn
Types of neurons in Dorsal horn:
Sensory - give rise to ascending efferent pathways
Types of neurons in Ventral horn:
-Alpha/gamma motor neurons

-Give rise to motor efferent pathways to extrafusal and intrafusal muscle fibers
What types of deficits result from SC lesions?
What symptoms result from a Dorsal rhizotomy?
-Hypesthesia (Hyposthesia)
Where does the dorsal root enter the spinal cord? (indentation)
Posterolateral sulcus
Where does the ventral root exit the spinal cord?
Anterolateral sulcus
What separates fasciculus cuneatus and gracilis?
Posterior intermediate sulcus
What are dorsal rhizotomies done for?
Chronic pain
Where are Rexed laminae 1-5?
Dorsal horn
Where are rexed laminae 6-9?
Ventral horn
Where is rexed lamina 10?
Central commisure - surrounds the central canal.
Dorsal root lesions lead to:
Ventral root lesions lead to:
-Complete flaccid paralysis
-Atrophy of muscles
-Autonomic dysphunction
What does a spinal cord transection result in?
Sensory, motor, or mixed deficits.
Where is substantia gelatinosa?
In Rexed laminae 2 and 3 - consists of golgi type II neurons and some larger nerve cells