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How much of the worlds population is undernourished?
How much of the worlds population is overnourished?
1 billion
Where is the most under nourished people?
south asia
Where is the highest rate of under nutrition?
What has african food production done?
it has no increase yields per area
What have the prices of basic staplse been doing over the past 40 years?
What is the biggest nutrion problem in the world?
What was asia's green revolution?
under fears of a large food shortage, they developed high yield crops, grain production doubled between 1970 and 1995
Under the green revolution what happened to the poverty rate?
went from 60 to 33
What are the three dimensions of food security?
availabilty, access, and utilization
When providing relief for acute food insecurty, what needs to not happen?
you cant wreck food markets that would undermine chances for long term food security
How do you improve people's economic access to food?
increase there income
What is the main point of hunger as a poverty problem?
ag is just as important as a source of income as a source of food
What are some of the chalenges of improving food security in Africa?
it is very large and diverse have 7 major staples compared to 3 in asia, there is climate change
What are some of the political challenges of improving food security in africa?
no political commitment, AIDS, there are 48 separate states
What happened in the 1980's in Africa?
There was a retreat from rural development, less focus on ag development and more on education, health and emergencies.
How does the us compare with foreign aid to other rich countries?
it gives proportionately less
What are some of the potential advantages africa has?
new tech like biotech, better governance and decentralization, and there is a new interest in Africa
What are some hopeful signs for africas ag situation?
there have been increases in donor commitment from different governments, and there has been better ag performance in africa.