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What were the hunters tools and weapons made of?
Their tools and weapons were made mostly from sticks, animals horns, and bones.
What was an atlatl?
What was a Clovis Point? Why was it so important?
Clovis Point were 1.5 to 5 inches long and razor sharp.It was important because it could easily pierce the mammoth's thick skin.
What did the Early Americans do for food once the Ice Age animals became extinct?
They began to fish and hunt more of the smaller animals and began to gather and store more plants for food.
What changed the food gatherers way of life?
Farming / agriculture
What was the most important food grown in the Americas? Why
corn or maize because it gave early people more food than any other crop so they thought it was from their gods.
How did growing crops change the Native Americans' way of life? 5 ways.
They no longer had to move from camp to camp, theycould settle in one place, build stronger homes, and form villages. With more food, people lived longer and their population grew. Early people were no longer only hunters, gatherers, or farmers. Some specialized in making pots, weaving, or trading.
Why did food gatherers have a summer and a winter camp?
Because that was were the food grew best.
What caused the Mammoth and other Ice Age animals to become extinct?
The drier climate (warmer weather) was drying up lakes and rivers and killing the tall lush grasses the animals ate.
How did the Mammoth help the hunters to survive?
They provided food (enough meat to live), shelter, clothing, and the bones were used for tools & weapons.