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What flower looks like a daisy with yellow ray flowers and brown disk flower center?
black-eyed Susan
Describe a thistle.
It has prickly leaves and stem with a purple flower head.
A straight line running down the abdomen of an insect lets you know it is a ____.
What insect can be mistaken for a twig because of camouflage?
praying mantis
What is a grub?
a beetle larvae
Which plant is confused with goldenrod but causes hay fever?
Which flower closes at night and opens at dawn reminding people of an eye?
a daisy
A harmless insect which looks like a harmful insect is protected by ____.
The movement of insects from one place to another with the chaning seasons is _____.
What autumn flower has more than one head per stem ranging from blue to purple to white?
Why do insects disappear in late fall?
Some die; some hibernate; some migrate to warmer places; some stay inside their hives to keep warm.
Which are the only bees that sting?
the female bees
Describe a food chain.
A food chain usually starts with a green plant because only green plants can make their own food. It is a series of plants and animals which depend on the next one for food. Each food chain includes a predator.
Explain what a predator is.
Predators are animals that capture and feed on other animals.
What cannot chew its food?
a bug
How many body parts do insects have?
Name of a male bee.
Name one unique characteristic of bees.
They have two pairs of wings.
Which female bee mates and lays eggs?
the queen
Be able to label the diagrams of each: honey bee, bumblebee, and yellow jacket
Use science worksheet 1 to review these.