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What event marks the beginning of human history?
This is a false idea of how man began.
What is the leader of a republic called?
What structure was built to keep man from being scattered after the Flood?
Tower of Babel
What is a nation?
A large group of people who think of themselves as one, with one ruler, and the same general rules.
What is another name for the Eastern Hemisphere?
the Old World
What is irrigation?
supplying land with water
Name some continents that are considered the Old World.
Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Anarctica
What type of government has a ruler born into the office and who has all the power?
an absolute monarchy
What type of government does the United States have?
Name the Sumerian moon god.
What was the southern part of Sumer called?
Whose tomb showed us a lot about the Sumerian's beliefs?
Lady Shubad
What significant event in history do we center our dating system around?
the birth of Christ
Name the completely accurate record of ancient history.
the Bible
What ruler of Ur is remembered for having a ziggurat built?
Name a famous citizen of Ur who is mentioned in the Bible.
Name some of the main occupations of the Sumerians.
skilled workers, herdsmen, farmers
Which hemisphere is often called the New World?
Western Hemisphere
What is a globe?
a world map in the shape of a sphere
Name the two major rivers of the Fertile Crescent.
the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers
Which hemisphere includes all the area between the equator and the North Pole?
the Northern Hemisphere
Which hemisphere has more land? the Eastern Hemisphere or the Western Hemisphere?
the Eastern Hemisphere
In which Hemisphere does sixth-sevenths of the world's people live?
the Eastern Hemisphere
Be able to locate on maps (see Atlas2, text p. 314-315):
Arctic & Pacific Oceans, South America, Africa
What is a ruler who comes to power by force called?
a dictator
What was the most important Sumerian city?
Give the name of the imaginary line that runs halfway between the North and South Poles.
the equator
Be able to locate on a map similar to text p. 13 OR skill sheet 3:
Babylon, Mediterranean Sea, Mesopotamia, Tigris River
Be sure to review select items on Quizzes 1, 2, and 3.
You only have to review the facts (items) which you were asked to mark because they would be on the test as well as each quiz.