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What Chaldean city did Abraham come from?
Which hemisphere is often called the Old World?
Eastern Hemisphere
What do we call a belief based on fear and ignorance instead of truth?
The study of ancient people by examining remains, preserving & recovering artifacts is ___.
Who were the first people to use an arch and a dome in their buildings?
the Sumerians
What instrument did the Sumerians use to stamp their articles or documents?
a seal
What was the most common type of seal used in Sumer?
the cylinder
What two rivers make the Fertile Crescent a green and growing area?
the Euphrates & the Tigris
What is located on top of a ziggurat?
an altar
Be able to find Ur, Babylon, the Euphrates & Tigris Rivers, Mt. Ararat, the Mediterranean Sea, & Mesopotamia on a map.
See text p. 13
God promised Abraham the land of ___.
What were the tall, layered temples built by Sumerians called?