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Who translated the entire Bible into English first?
John Wycliffe
Name of first explorer to reach North America in modern times.
John Cabot
He was first Englishman to sail around the world.
Sir Francis Drake
The greatest writer of the Elizabethan Age.
William Shakespeare
He helped rebuild the city of London after the devastating fire that destroyed it. He was an architect by trade.
Sir Christopher Wren
capital of Scotland
capital of Ireland
capital of England
capital of Northern Ireland
capital of Wales
He was the most famous English preacher of the Wesleyan Revival.
George Whitefield
This man was called "Father of the Sunday School Movement".
Robert Raikes
Prime Minister who worked to return Great Britian to Protestant work ethic.
Margaret Thatcher
The steam engine was perfected by this man.
James Watt
This explorer is the one that discovered Australia.
Captain Cook
This prime minister led England to victory in World War II
Winston Churchill
Only continent with no large desert
Name the world's largest landmass
Name the missionary known as the "Father of Modern Missions".
William Carey
What did the British colonists give as the most important gift to the New World?
a Biblical heritage
Name the time period when machinery took over and started to replace animals and men.
Age of Industry
The false idea that the Bible does not mean what it says.
This country is the largest on the island of Great Britian.
The principal (main) river in England
the longest river in the British Isles
Be able to locate on the map of the British Isles the following locations:
Belfast, Dublin
Edinburgh, England
English Channel,
Thames River, Wales
The victory of Willliam the Conquerer is known as the ___.
Norman Conquest
This document established the tradition that the Monarch was limited by the laws of the lan and was signed in 1215.
Magna Carta
He printed the first printed version of the English Bible
Miles Coverdale
Queen Elizabeth's fleet defeated the ___.
Spanish Armada
Which of these is not part of the United Kingdom--Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, or Scotland?
the empire England belonged to for 400 year in ancient times
mountain chain known as the "Backbone of England"
The Biblical teaching that God expects all people to work is the _____.
Protestant Work Ethic
The people who came from England to the New World for freedom of worship were the
largest country in the world
highest spot in Europe
Mt. Elbrus
world's largest sea
Caspian Sea
Europe's most important inland waterway
Rhine River
first great missionary of the Christian church
Who begun the Protestant Reformation?
Martin Luther
Monks in monasteries copied and preserved ___.
Roman emperor who first allowed freedom of worship
Where did the Protestant Reformation begin?
Who invented the printing press?
Johann Gutenberg
What were the efforts to take Jerusalem back from the Turks called?
The Lollards were followers of ___.
John Wycliffe
Greek word meaning "marketplace"
the freed slave who wrote many fables
a singing poet
author of the Illiad and Odyssey
the word that comes from two words meaning "people" and "rule"
the city Rome fought in the Punic Wars
invention that helped the Romans build strong, lasting structures
Roman leader who "crossed the Rubicon"
Julius Caesar
first emperor of the Roman Empire
Augustus Caesar
the Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps with war elephants
Match these capitals to the state on a map of America:
Atlanta, Boise, Columbus, Denver, Frankfort, Honolulu,
Juneau, Lincoln, Montpelier, Phoenix
Identify these map locations on the map of Europe:
Aegean Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Danube River, Mont Blanc, Mt. Elbrus, Norwegian Sea, North Sea, Rhine River, Volga River