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to not agree
to not appear
to not be armed
to not be connected
to be false, not honest
to not like something or someone
To tell what one thinks will happen in the future, such as the weather, peoples' behavior, or the outcome of a contest.
To keep something from happening before it happens, such as a window being broken or a person catching a cold
a view or showing ahead of time such as "previews" of a movie
care or an action taken ahead of time against danger or failure, such as locking the door as a precaution against theft.
To choose first or like better (such as preferring vacation over school)
happening or coming before; such as "on the previous page," meaning the page before, or "in a previous class," meaning some class before this one
before birth, or during pregnancy
Owned by someone else before now; "used."
a part that comes before something else, such as a prelude to a piece of music, or dark clouds as a prelude to a storm.
having your attention already taken up by something, so you are not paying attention to what is happening around you. For example, if you are preoccupied with a test that is coming, you might not pay attention to what people are saying to you.
a book or story or movie that is set before something that has already been written. For example, the "Star Wars" series had a prequel set before the first Star Wars movie, where you found out about earlier times and people. The sixth book in the Chronicles of Narnia is a prequel because it tells how Narnia began, even though that book was written after other stories about Narnia.
to make something more likely to happen, before it does. For example, not getting enough sleep predisposes people to catching colds or being grumpy. (It is the opposite of taking precautions.) If a person is "predisposed" to act a certain way (such as to agree with others), they are already more likely to act that way than some other way.
an introductory statement before an important statement. The preamble to the constitution explains why the people of the U.S. thought they needed one.
to take over something, (such as by getting in front of anyone else who would want it or being more important). Examples: to take over someone's land, to take over a group of people, or for one TV show to replace another (such as a news story or baseball game preempting a regular show).
Introductory remarks
before the evening meal
to become joined (connect two rooms, connect two puzzle pieces, connect two ideas, "the leg bone connected to the hip bone...")
1. public performance of music or dancing
2. to act with someone/something else (the Red Cross and the Salvation Army working in concert at a disaster scene )
1. (verb): to lead or carry (a conductor conducting a band, a person conducting children across the street, a wire conducting electricity)
2. (noun) the way someone acts or behaves ("his conduct was calm and dignified")
To be or act like others around you, or to go along with rules (conform to the dress code)
to gather together (congregate in the church, congregate at the bus stop)
To study something and think about it (contemplating the reasons for someone's conduct, contemplating a work of art)
to make impure by adding something bad (contaminating food with germs)
likely to happen, but depending on certain things (rain is contingent on having clouds; graduation is contingent on passing classes)
1. (concrete)To bring from one place to another (a bus that conveys people to work)
2.(abstract) To get a meaning across (conveyed her anger with a long letter, conveyed his happiness with a big grin)
to join in a secret agreement to do something, especially something wrong or unlawful (conspire to shoot a bald eagle, conspire to start a rumor)
to clog (traffic, noses)
group agreement - not a 'majority vote,' where some people might be against an idea, but an idea everyone can agree to (consensus about a day to have a meeting)
to give permission (getting parent's consent to bring a child to a movie or be seen by a doctor)
happening at the same period of time
a. "contemporary dress" would mean dressing like people do today
b. "a contemporary of Abraham Lincoln" would be someone who was alive at the same time as Abraham Lincoln
an instrument for producing sounds at a distance (or the action of using such an instrument)
An instrument for receiving electrical waves from a distance and changing them into pictures and sounds
an instrument for looking at very distant objects
AND/OR: (optional) to become forced together lengthwise with one part entering the other as the result of a collision; to become compressed or condensed (like a collapsing telescope).
a message sent over distance by coded signals, commonly used for very important messages before telephones were reliable; messages were as short as possible because each word added to the cost. Often someone would be sent to a person's house to deliver the telegram.
communication from one mind to another through "extrasensory" means -- sending thoughts or feelings directly into someone's mind from yours, or knowing what they are thinking. (Usually happens in science fiction stories.)
a meeting of several people who are in different, distant places by using telephones or computers
A lense system that makes far-away things look closer
sending information over a distance by machines. Satellites use telemetry to take information and then send it to different places; hospital systems use telemetry to send medical information to nurses' stations
an instrument for measuring the distance of an object from the observer
OR an instrument to send measurements over a distance (such as from Mars to the Earth)
to take a plug out of; to disconnect from electricity, or to take out something blocking the way.
not tidy; not neat and orderly
not able to be broken easily (like a sturdy plastic cup)
not having employment; not having a job, or the number of people in an area who don't have jobs
not following any rules; hard to manage (unruly hair, unruly kids)
not conditional, not limited; always there. "Unconditional love" means love whether the person is loved back or not, no matter what the other person does. "Unconditional surrender" means you give everything up.
not sure about something, or something not clearly one way or the other
thinking of other people before yourself
"out of the question," going against what is reasonable, desirable, or probable; slavery is unthinkable now, but has not always been. The idea that my sister would forget to pay her bills is unthinkable because she just wouldn't ever do that.
to remove a veil or covering; to make public (unveiling a painting for people to see; unveiling a new model of car)
not conscious; not aware of what is going on; a person can be completely unconscious & knocked out, or just unconscious of something that is going on ('he was unconscious of the bus coming up behind him' doesn't mean he was knocked out cold, but just that he didn't know the bus was coming)
not guided or controlled by conscience - not caring at all whether something is right or wrong. "Using unconscionable sales practices" would mean doing things to sell your product that were clearly wrong