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Advantages of being an apprentice:
learned a skill
trained with an experienced person
became an artisan
The Middle Colonies produced so much flour they were known as the...
"Breadbasket of the Colonies"
Name 3 cash crops grown in the Southern colonies:
rice, tobacco, and indigo
What is a triangular trade route?
A voyage with two stops before going home.
Draw it:
Three things started by Ben Franklin in Philadelphia:
volunteer fire department
public library
Name the most important building in a New England town:
the meeting house
One characteristic of colonial towns is that they were...
self-sufficient (they produced most of what they needed)
Name three crops grown on Southern plantations:
rice, indigo, tobacco
What were most schools like in the colonies?
All students were in one room.
Why did so many colonists leave Europe?
They wanted to escape religious persecution.
Name a very popular book in the 13 colonies:
Poor Richard's Almanac
Name some common foods in the colonies:
fish stew with vegetables,
Where did most slaves in the South live and work?
on plantations
Name something that slaves contributed (gave) to colonial society:
They had different skills that they could use in the colonies.
How did the African slaves keep their culture alive?
They made drums and banjos and supported (helped) each other.
Name some ways that slaves resisted slavery:
They broke tools.
They worked slowly.
They pretended to be sick.
They attempted to escape.
Name some ways colonists used trees:
They made lumber for building homes, barns, and ships.
They exported lumber to England and other countries.
Describe a New England town:
The meeting house, shops, and houses were grouped around a town common. Each town usually had a mill and a blacksmith, as well as other artisans. The people were self-sufficient.
Describe daily life for colonial children:
The children went to school to study reading, writing, and arithmetic. They helped with work around the homes and farms. Some became apprentices.
Olauda Equiano was a former slave. How did he feel about slavery?
Olauda Equiano said slavery was evil and broke the natural law of equality. He wanted to abolish slavery.