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Carotid triangle:
Contents are the carotid sheath that contains
-common carotid artery & its branches
-internal jugular vein & its tributaries
-vagus nerve
-external carotid artery & some of its branches
-hypoglossal nerve (CN XII)
-roots of ansa cervicalis – there is some disagreement between authors on contents
The ___ nerve is the terminal continuation of the recurrent laryngeal nerve & innervates remaining intrinsic muscles of the larynx
inferior laryngeal n.
In general the superior root of the ansa cervicalis is from branches of the ___ cervical nerves that travel with the ___ nerve for a short distance & then form the superior root

The inferior root is from branches of the ___ cervical nerves
-1st & 2nd
-hypoglossal n.
-2nd & 3rd
s. 21
Muscular (inferior carotid) triangle:

The ___ in the midline usually drains into the brachiocephalic vein

Sometimes there are two – care must be taken during ___
-inferior thyroid vein
-thyroidectomy or trachiostostomy
*Care is taken to retain what glands during thyroidectomy? What's their function?

During thyroidectomy, what nerves could be damaged
parathyroid glands during thyroidectomy; [regulates blood-Ca2+ levels]

During thyroidectomy, the recurrent laryngeal nerves nerves could be damaged
If ___ glands atrophy or are inadvertently removed during surgery, the patient suffers from ___, a severe convulsive disorder that is due to drop in serum calcium levels
Goiter is a condition in which the ___ becomes enlarged & is endemic in certain parts of the world deficient in ___

There are various types of goiter – one type is ___ goiter due to an excess of thyroid hormone that results in bulging eyeballs
-thyroid gland
Tracheostomy, creation of an opening in the ___ for insertion of a tube to relieve upper airway obstruction and facilitate ventilation

Extreme care is required & should only be done preferably in an operating room – this is due to the ___ to the thyroid gland
-anterior trachea
-rich vascular supply